Genie Lifts

Genie Lift Equipments At Best Rates

Torcan Lift Equipment supplies Boom Lifts and Scissors Lifts from Genie which is recognized as a world leader in the production of lifts. Genie lifts are a renowned company recognized globally for the highest value lifting equipment, innovative designs, and quality production.

They always deliver quality products and have set a new standard for performance and durability. The products offer exceptional performance, reliability, safety.



  • Genie lifts are ideal for all your material handling needs.
  • It can be used as forklift or dolly and hand truck.
  • Useful in HVAC installation and repair.
  • Used for lifting and moving automotive parts.
  • Provide great help in shipping or receiving heavy material on shelves.
  • They come with telescoping aluminum frame with winch handle and reversible steel forks.


We are committed to offer Genie lifts on sale or for rent as it offers security, stability and safety. Recognized as a proud distributor of Genie lifts we aim to provide fast, courteous and reliable equipment service to our customers in Canada.