5 Carriage Attachments used in High Capacity Telehandler

5 Carriage Attachments used in High Capacity Telehandlers

A high capacity telehandler comes with several attachments that make lifting loads easy to any height and place them safely in another location. Two types of attachments come within a telehandler. They are agricultural telehandler attachments and construction telehandler attachments. These attachments enhance the versatility of the telehandler and make it more efficient for any task. Telehandler lifting attachments are many.  They can be purchased new or you can also get used telehandler attachments at a low price to carry on your work. This attachment enables you to handle a wider variety of work. But one thing to ponder here is that not all attachments are available for all models. You need to check with the telehandler provider regarding the type of telehandler you possess and what type of attachment you are looking for.

You will get various telehandlers attachments for sale online or by contacting any telehandler dealing company like Torcan Lift equipment serving in and around Greater Toronto for 20 years. Our vast experience in construction equipment and our dedicated customer care service strives to offer you the best package on construction equipment and its attachments for commercial use. One of the specific types of attachments with a high capacity telehandler is the swing carriage attachment that serves the purpose of lifting and tilting loads during its placement. If you have the telehandler swing carriage used earlier or in a second-hand condition; give it a technical check before using the same.

Here are five types of telehandler swing carriage for sale that every construction and agricultural company requires in their construction procedure.

  • Dual Fork Positioning Carriage:

It provides the ability to adjust the position of the forks to lift the loads. It helps in adjusting the width between the fork without leaving the cab. It requires auxiliary hydraulics, standard up and down, tilt position on a horizontal plane making your lifting up easy and efficient.

Dual Fork Positioning Carriage

  • Side-Shift Carriage:

These are most commonly installed on forklift trucks.   They are helpful in pick up or depositing load from a tight area with minimum effort. It easily gets refitted into Class 3 ITA type pallet carriage. It allows precision load placement.

Side-Shift Carriage

  • Side-Tilt Carriage

Whether you have a forklift or a high capacity telehandler, the side-tilt carriage is one of the most efficient attachments when it comes to tilting a load for picking or placement. It is effective in offloading on uneven terrains. It has a capacity of 5000lb to 20,000lb.

Side-Tilt Carriage

  • Standard Carriage

It is manufactured with high-quality steel and is available in various shapes, sizes, and specifications. It is an essential attachment for a construction site to lift loads and place them at the required location. It allows operators to pick and place materials. Also, there are multiple fork options and sizes that you can easily get from Torcan Lift Equipment, Toronto.

Standard Carriage

  • Swing Carriage

The swing carriage allows for greater versatility than any other attachments in moving and placing loads, materials for construction etc.  It is most useful when exact positioning is required.

Swing Carriage

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