5 Essential Winter Safety Tips for Working Telehandlers Smartly

5 Essential Winter Safety Tips for Working Telehandlers Smartly

Everyone knows that the winter season is around the corner. And it is considered a difficult season to navigate and can cause serious harm to every piece of electronic equipment if people are not careful. The cold and wet weather can cause equipment or any telehandler damage if not aware of the protection. Properly starting the equipment with block heaters, battery blankets, hydraulic tank heaters, and oil pan heaters is helpful, but they are not enough to prevent breakdowns in colder climates.

However, proper winter telehandler safety tips help every operator to get through the coming winter months. Read the below to understand the much-needed process to warm the engine, the entire hydraulic system, and the drive train. Below given steps will help in avoid costly downtime and keep the telehandler up and running all winter long.

Running the equipment before operating:

Always starts the equipment or telehandler for at least 15 minutes before using will help to warm up the engine and get it ready to start working with the other components of any machine. At first sight, it seems like a waste of time, but the operator can use the time to accomplish other small tasks. Use the extra time to do a proper walk-around inspection etc.

Slow warming of the hydraulics:

Moving the hydraulics in and out to start slowly is the best way. Be sure to stroke all cylinders further and further until they have been extended and retracted. Doing this function with all the machines is good. The oil getting warm is a critical step and should not be skipped.

Rotate the hydraulic drive motors slowly:

The operator must do this on both wheels and in both directions will help warm up the hydrostatic drive. Hydraulic swing motors on the turret of the man lift are another advantage. And to warm the component does this rotation in all directions and helps the telehandler work properly.

Travel slow reverse and forward:

Slow mother will help to warm up your transmission, drop boxes, differentials, planetary compartments, etc. These components need to be warmed up, so do not skip these steps. It will help to heat your oil as well as the metal components of the unit.

Gently drive the machine until reaching full speed:

These tips will help to warm up various metal components and the different oils within the device. It also ensures that the seals do not undergo too much stress while cold and will help avoid seal failures etc.

These are the essential winter forklift safety tips that will help your equipment in more ways than one and help the telehandler operator in the upcoming winter. However, if you are looking for the latest, high-quality telehandler with various attachments to buy and rent, contact Torcan Lift Equipment at 1-833-743-2500 for the most suitable and high-quality machine for your work. And for any other further queries, visit our official website for more details.