5 Key Responsibilities of Operator after using High Capacity Telehandler

5 Key Responsibilities of Operator after using High Capacity Telehandler

Construction machines are huge and it needs a skilled operator to make them active onsite. If you enter a construction area, you will see several machines honking, and lifting materials to a height for workers. Some machines are rented and some are purchased by the company for regular projects. If we talk about the most versatile and multipurpose machine, it is the high capacity telehandler that has multiple uses on site. it is a machine that can do multiple construction activities through its attachment feature. Right from lifting loads to lifting workers to a height, it has several uses.

It is the owner/site supervisor/managers who are responsible to ensure the safe and efficient use of telehandlers. There are a set of responsibilities of telehandler operators that have to be followed before starting the machine and after setting out the day’s work. If the use of a high capacity telehandler is based on shifts, the last operator has five key responsibilities to follow without any fail. Any discrepancy in following these five responsibilities can lead to unexpected results.

Park the Telehandler in a Safe place, on level ground; Never on the Slope:

When the operator is done with the entire day’s work, it is his responsibility to drive the high capacity telehandler to its usual place of parking. The parking space should be safe and plain. It is advised not to park on any slopy destinations as there are chances of slip accidents.

Apply the parking brake, select neutral, switch off the engine and remove the Key:

Every machine needs rest for better efficiency. After the operator gets a safe parking location, it is time to switch off the engine. The operator has to shut down the complete system inside the telehandler and make it non-operational. Remove the key and ensure that every mechanical setting and system are switched off completely.

Return keys or other activating devices to their place of safe-keeping:

The operator should return the keys to the concerned authority or place them safely at its location. Also, if there is any external activating device, it should be completely switched off to avoid any accidental connection with the machine.

Get the Assessment Checklist:

Every operator should have a complete checklist of the telehandler maintenance activity. They need to check every specific activity from the list to avoid any unforeseen incidents.

Report any Malfunctions or Defects Immediately to a Supervisor:

If the operator finds any defect in any parts of the telehandler or any machine; it has to be immediately reported to the concerned supervisor or the immediate senior authority. It is better not to start the high capacity telehandler without thorough inspection after diagnosing and repairing any defect.

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