5 Purchase Considerations to Follow Before Buying a New Scissor Lift

5 Purchase Considerations to Follow Before Buying a New Scissor Lift

Just like you decide to purchase a car and conduct ground research from brand to specifications, the decision to buy a scissor lift also involves a good amount of research. Where safety and efficiency are the two primary factors, it has several purchase considerations to ponder. Like a car, you cannot walk into a dealership and select a car at a first look and exclaim, “That’s the one for me!”. The same procedure applies when you plan to buy a scissor lift. With solid research, careful planning, and a pre-purchase strategy, your company has a better chance of buying a scissor lift that will be a dependable asset for years to come. Here are 5 purchase considerations you should follow for your next scissor lift purchase.

 Mobility and Efficiency Scale:

There are mobility standards for every construction equipment that the manufacturer has to scientifically follow during its production. Also, the consumer must know about these standards and decide accordingly. Make sure your scissor lift meets and exceeds your mobility standards. Some scissor lifts are required to navigate while others are stationary. Check the mobility as it directly affects the efficiency of the machine.

A Proper Check on Safety Accessories of Scissor Lift:

Like ariel lifts can reach greater heights, a scissor lift cannot.  However, safety issues like tips and falls and other safety concerns couldn’t be ignored. Check the manufacturer’s operating manual and carefully review all the safety features. It is better to double check the entire machinery and safety mechanism before purchasing. If hiring on rent, check with the owner and confirm twice about any missing safety measures.

Comfort for the Operator:

It is one of the most important factors as the operator inside the cab should be comfortable operating the lifting machine. Enough working space, seats with the belt, and proper distance between the machine and seat are some of the manual checks to perform before final purchase.  Also, make sure your scissor lift provides enough vertical height to perform tasks. You can check these factors during the equipment inspection process.  Another factor to ponder is whether you are buying a new scissor lift or a second-hand one. Used models can help your balance sheet grow in profits, but you need to deeply scrutinize the previous wear and tear as it can be risky.

 Check The Service History:

It is only in the case of buying a second-hand scissor lift. Since these machines are used to lift loads and workers to a height, they should be healthy and in a well-maintained condition. It becomes helpful for the maintenance team if you can get the entire service history of the scissor lift. If there are too many servicing appointments in the past, you can probably eliminate the purchase of a scissor lift and search for a new one. Whether hiring or buying a second-hand scissor lift, the operator and person in concern should know the service history in detail to avoid any mishaps.

Ask Questions:

Ask the dealer/distributor about everything related to the machine. It is the best time to resolve all your doubts before purchasing. Any price consideration or information on any parts of the scissor lift, the dealer will entertain and answer every question or doubt you have.  These questions will help you determine if the scissor lift is right for your company or not.

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