5 Things to Consider when Carrying Workers via Aerial Platforms

5 Things to Consider when Carrying workers via Ariel Platforms

Working at height is risky. Although workers follow every precaution on aerial platforms, accidents are prone to happen. One of the fatal incidents in 2010 shook our nerves when a Notre Dame student was raised to 39 feet in a scissor lift platform to record the university’s football match. It was a windy day that made him fall off from the height leading to immediate death. To reduce accidents and to save the life of workers, there are certain fundamental things to consider when workers are working at height. Here are five basic activities to follow through which working at height accidents can be easily reduced:

Use a safe work method when using working platforms:

When workers decide to work at height, there are several elevated platforms like scaffold, cradles, mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), trestles, gangways, stepladders, stairways, etc. They are also called integrated platforms. These platforms are safe working platforms and they pose zero risk to the user. On the other end, a non-integrated platform is not safe and not recommended by the users as it has a high risk of danger. Use only those platforms that your machine can support and are allowed by the manufacturer. The use of a non-integrated platform is only permissible under special circumstances and documented before the use for workers safety.

Remain in control of the while workers are on the Platform:

Do not leave the workers unattended at the height. The operator of the scissor lift or any other construction machine should be present in the cab and stay vigilant while operating the aerial platform. Operators’ inability to properly surveillance and management can lead to fall accidents. It is better not to operate any such machine with the elevated platform in a windy condition or an uncontrollable situation.

Watch out for Pedestrians:

A pedestrian can be any person walking on the adjacent road, or any worker who is physically active at the site in loading and unloading goods. Do not allow any pedestrian to walk beneath the scissor lift where workers are working on a platform. Any pedestrian can face any type of fall accident from a height and can lose his life. This usually happens in congested areas where there is less space for pedestrians and workers.

Use Spotters when operating in Congested Areas:

A spotter is a qualified expert whose responsibility is to ensure that every construction activity should be done in the safest manner possible. They are responsible to ensure that no pedestrian/onsite worker/employee should be injured during the construction. There’s a high probability of having accidents in a congested area with less space. It is better to seal the construction area and let spotters strategize on how to keep everyone safe during the construction period.

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