7 Tips for Choosing The Right Boom Lift Rental in the Greater Toronto Area

7 Tips for Choosing The Right Boom Lift Rental in the Greater Toronto Area

Any heavy construction equipment like boom lifts or telehandlers is available under two options. You can either hire it for short-term use or purchase it directly from the provider. However, for seasonal industries, the rental service is the best option as they are cost-effective and free from any service-related hassles. 

However, you need to choose the right boom lift rental service company. Torcan Lift Equipment in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is one of the leading portals that serves the GTA with its high-quality construction equipment, especially the boom lift. Though every piece of equipment at Torcan matches the highest technical standard, the boom lifts are the most demanding. 

How To Choose A Boom Lift Rental Service In GTA?

When it comes to completing tasks such as construction, maintenance, or event setup at height, boom lifts are indispensable pieces of equipment. However, choosing the right boom lift rental can be a daunting task, especially with the options available in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Here are a few considerations you should notice before choosing a boom lift rental company to hire a boom lift for your onsite job. 

Define Your Requirements:

Before deciding on the renting procedure, it is important to assess the requirements. Ponder into the factors like:

  • the total reach and height, 
  • the type of terrains where the boom lift will operate
  • lifting capacity
  • budget for the rental service

Making the best boom lift choice will be aided by having a clear grasp of your needs. Based on those requirements, the company will suggest the best model that you can use for operations on your site.

Decide the Type of Boom Lift To Choose

There are varieties of boom lifts including articulated, telescopic, and hybrid boom lifts. Each of them has unique uses as per specifications. With its straight vertical reach, telescopic boom lifts are perfect for reaching high places.

On the other side, articulated boom lifts offer mobility that enables maneuvering around obstructions. Also, there are towable boom lifts with different specifications and sizes. Selecting the type most appropriate for your application will be made easier if you are aware of these distinctions.

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Analyse The Working Environment:

Choosing the appropriate boom lift requires careful consideration of the working environment in which it will be used. Think about things like whether it will be used indoors or outside, the kind of terrain (slab or rocky), cramped or narrow areas, and any impediments. For safety and efficiency, make sure the boom lift you select is appropriate for the particulars of your work location. 

Examine Safety Features:

Safety features are the top priority when you decide to choose a boom lift with rental options. Inspect every element like:

  • Load lifting capabilities
  • Start and shut switches
  • Fall arrest system
  • Platform safety rules
  • Attachment maintenance and operation norms

Moreover, the boom lift rental provider should follow the standards and guidelines listed by OSHA and then offer their products to their clients to ensure safety and security. Also, follow severe boom lift protective measures on the job site to reduce accidents to Zero.

Examine Equipment Maintenance:

Find out about the boom lift’s maintenance history before signing your rental agreement. To ensure maximum performance and safety, make sure the equipment receives routine maintenance and inspections. The likelihood of mechanical problems with a well-maintained boom lift is reduced, reducing downtime and associated safety risks. 

Check Maintenance History:

Before you plan to sign the rental agreement with the provider, check the maintenance schedule and history of the machine. It is mandatory to ensure that the boom lift receives routine maintenance and inspection. The company has to provide a daily maintenance checklist and update the present condition of the machine to prevent the likelihood of any mechanical problems during the rental period.

Research On Rental Rates And Terms & Condition:

As a costing factor, it is important to take into consideration the company’s entire value offer into account. If rental rates are a concern, one should consider comparing it with several options in GTA and choose a company that offers the best and optimum rates.  Apart from cost, some of the factors to consider is:

  • The age of the boom lift 
  • Rental duration 
  • Insurance coverage and cost 
  • Additional cost, if any

Choose a reliable company like Torcan Lift Equipment that deals in the rental and purchase of boom lifts and provides reasonable prices without compromising efficiency and the level of service. Check out the boom lift market speculation report to interpret how this piece of equipment will have demand till 2033.

Check Testimonials And Request for Recommendations:

Reviews, testimonials, Google ratings, and social media presence are some of the online parameters to evaluate the rental service before you make your final choice. The team should check:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer service reviews
  • Testimonials on equipment dependability
  • Referrals from the past clients in the GTA

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With the appropriate boom lift at your disposal, you may effectively and confidently take on your elevated jobs.