Advantages of a Diesel-Powered Scissor Lift For Outdoor Use

Advantages of a Diesel-Powered Scissor Lift For Outdoor Use

A scissor lift is the best aerial platform lift that allows its operators to operate at a greater height. These platforms are convenient for interior services such as ceiling installation, sign hanging, and other routine maintenance. However, a scissor lift mostly has a vertical reach ranging from 20 to 50 feet. So, this platform can reach the top of storage racks in the material handling industry. These lifts come in various sizes, and you can buy them according to your requirement.

Are you working at heights? Also, if you want to raise or lower materials in your project. Ladders are not the ideal solution as they are impractical and unsafe at many levels. So, if you are looking for the perfect alternative, then you should try a scissor lift. On the contrary, these scissor lifts come in different sizes and models suitable for many unique project needs. Only One crucial thing that sets scissor lifts apart is its source of power. The two primary power sources for all the scissor lifts are electricity and fuel (usually diesel). The electric one is called the electric scissor lift and the other is the diesel scissor lift. 

So, here is why the diesel scissor lifts are the better alternative for your outdoor use:

High Load Lifting Capacity:

Generally, various outdoor applications are large with heavier loads. So, it would help the operator to choose a scissor lift with more horsepower to support the heavy loads and personnel working on the elevated platforms.

On the contrary, diesel-powered scissor lifts are generally more solid than their counterparts. These scissor lifts engines generate more torque and horsepower than any hydraulic or electric scissor lifts. Also, more power is necessary to lift heavy loads, making them ideal for outdoor applications. You need to choose the type of scissor lift for your project. 

The Availability of Space for Manoeuvrability:

Since diesel-powered scissor lifts are more well-built and sturdy than other lifts, they tend to be bigger too. These machines’ large sizes can hinder maneuverability in indoor spaces. Also, its space availability in many outdoor applications makes them the perfect choice.

The Scalability:

Scalability is another crucial aspect when selecting scissor lifts for outdoor use. For instance, while working in a high-rise building, you will always need a scissor lift with the highest stroke (the height range the scissor lift can attain).

The diesel-powered scissor lifts have excellent performance when it comes to scalability because they are more well-built and powerful than any other. Also, these lifts can reach significantly greater heights than other lifts. Check out the purchase considerations of scissor lifts when you are deciding to buy a new one (a small guide). 

Better Handling of Emissions and Noise:

Noise and emissions are the main concerns of using diesel or fuel-powered scissor lifts. As they run on fuel, they emit fumes. These fumes can be problematic while working indoors because of inadequate ventilation.

These scissor lifts are best suited for outdoor uses with plenty of ventilation. Noise also tends to spread better in outdoor surroundings. Also, noise is less likely to be an issue in many outdoor atmospheres. So, since diesel-powered scissor lifts are noisier than their counterparts, they are best used outdoors.

Scissor Lift Accessories and Attachments:

The various scissor lifts models have optional features making them even more versatile and allowing the operators to customize the attachment:

  • Amber flashing light
  • Quick charge capability
  • All-wheel drive
  • Lights on the work platform
  • Leveling jacks
  • Saloon-style swing gate on the platform
  • Spring-loaded gate on the platform
  • Heavy-duty hinges for battery compartments
  • An airline to the platform
  • Swing-out surfaces for more room on the platform
  • Maintenance-free batteries
  • Horn
  • Biodegradable hydraulic fluid
  • Platform padding
  • Welder/electrician/plumber package

The Scissor Lift Safety:

Scissor lifts require orientation and training to use safely. Operators always need to know how high it goes and also how that relates to objects such as the ceiling in a building and the power lines outside. The operators running the scissor lift will be familiar with the controls and other general operations, also what to do if something goes wrong.

Other dangers when using scissor lifts can include

  • High winds
  • Power lines
  • Uneven ground
  • Lack of safety rails (on damaged or older models)
  • Overload

These steps are not unreasonable, considering they protect people from accidents and companies from liability. Safety on the heavy machines that lift the operators and equipment is so essential that strict regulations apply, and operators must have regular and proper training. Once the operator completes the training, they receive a three-year certificate. On the contrary, some places also have ordinances or policies requiring the person operating an aerial work platform to have the proper licensing.

Also, as a part of your scissor lift safety plan, it should include an efficient inspection of your scissor lift to know that every component is working correctly. For various other reasons, bad weather — such as rain, hail, snow, sleet, and lightning — is an enemy to safe scissor-lift operations.

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