All You Need to Know about Aerial Lift for Tree Trimming


Aerial Lift for tree trimming

Aerial lifts can be of different kinds, for Eg: scissor, boom, telehandlers. Renting an aerial lifts is an ideal way to reach higher trees, high ceilings in a building, top shelving racks or high windows safely and securely. This equipment can make your job significantly easier.

Professional tree trimmer uses an aerial lift to reach the hard and fast way to access the branches. However, professional tree trimming equipment can be expensive and requires extensive training to operate responsibly and profitably.


Benefits of Renting an Aerial Lift for Tree Trimming:


  • Aerial lifts can move easily on the work site and provide safer access in hard to reach areas.


  • The design of aerial lifts allows operator mobility and flexibility which increases efficiency.


  • The aerial lifts also replaces the use of traditional ladders, man-baskets on lift trucks and scaffolds to make working at high elevations safer.


  • Industries such as manufacturing plants, maintenance service providers, real estate management companies, warehouse and construction companies all utilize aerial lifts.


  • General construction, you will see aerial lifts being used to handle routine building maintenance, painting, trimming trees, installing rooftop HVAC services and inventory management.


Types of Aerial lift


Scissor lift:


Aerial Lift for tree trimming

Scissor lift is a mobile machine that helps you lift to work at a high elevation provided with a strong safety feature. It is a very strong platform surrounded by railings for carrying out your aerial work efficiently. The industry term for them is a MEVP, mobile elevated work platform. Scissor lift works well on indoor, flat surfaces where a worker needs to travel straight up and down.

Tree trimming workers require both vertical and horizontal limits in mobility. They need to work on uneven ground, the branches are part of the trimming environment of tangles and trees.


Boom lift: 


Aerial Lift for tree trimming

Boom lift is basically a type of aerial work platform being used by workers to reach high places. These lifts are specially designed to reach areas that may be perilous. Basic boom lift mainly consists of a platform along with long jointed crane run by a hydraulic lift system, attached to a grounded base.


Telehandler lift:


Telehandlers are powerful hybrid machines used for construction, mining and agriculture sectors in Toronto. A cross between a forklift and a crane, it is a versatile lifting machine and incorporates a telescope with a lifting attachment according to the work in hand.

Telehandler is large machines that do not work well in adjacent places in nearby trees or dense leaves. They are also expensive machines to buy, rent and operate so that they are unable to trim the tree using the aerial lifts.


Aerial Lift Safety:


Aerial Lift for tree trimming

Ariel Tree trimming is dangerous, as are all businesses that want to work on heights. Safety is paramount when using an aerial lift.

Tree trimming operations require climbing, pruning, and felling trees. Hand and portable power tools such as loppers, trimmers, and chainsaws make the necessary cuts. The two leading causes of tree trimmer deaths are electrocutions and falls, so extra care and training are needed for work at heights and near power lines.


Safe Work Practices:


  • Do not allow workers to position themselves between overhead hazards, such as joists and beams, and the rails of the basket. Movement of the lift could crush the worker.


  • Maintain a minimum clearance of at least 10 feet, or 3 meters, away from the nearest energized overhead lines.


  • Don’t allow the workers in a basket or tie off any other structure.


  • Don’t override hydraulic, mechanical, or electrical safety devices.


  • Don’t exceed the machine’s load limit.


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