What Are The Types of Aerial Lift Should You Rent For Your Project?

aerial lift rentals
Countless companies depend on aerial lift rentals to bridge the gap between the lack of capital and needing technologically advanced equipment.

Whether it is high-rise constructions, maintenance work, or industrial warehousing, a business needs aerial lift platforms. In fact, these versatile lift equipment make it easy to accomplish a myriad of complex tasks across industries.

With time, there has been a rapid growth in the aerial lift rental market.

Today, many companies choose to opt for rent equipment or pay-as-use models. This allows the opportunity to cut costs while maintaining a financially stable business.

Moreover, many Aerial Lift Rental Companies also offer on-site support that further saves costs on machine downtime.

We, at Torcan Lift, is one such company that strives to meet all your equipment needs with industry-leading customer service.

Today, explore our extensive selection of high-quality aerial lift equipment from leading suppliers and how renting them benefits you.


Choose from a Wide Selection of Aerial Lift Equipment at Torcan 

We offer a large and diverse fleet of quality aerial lifts for rent. Whether you need a temporary solution or high-tech equipment for an overlong construction project, we have you covered.

Torcan Lift maintains a wide variety of aerial lifts to suit outdoor and indoor applications. Plus, our solutions are available in different sizes, functionalities, and capabilities.

However, you need to make the right choice among the aerial lift rentals to fulfill your specific purpose. The aim should always be able to perform your task as efficiently as possible.

Here are our most popular selections among Aerial Lift Rentals Toronto to help you pick what’s best for you.


#1. Scissor Lifts – For Performing Precise Work at High Elevation

right aerial lift

The criss-cross design of scissor lifts allows for vertical elevation to help your crew work at heights of up to 50 feet. Plus, the platforms offer enough space to accommodate workers and materials together.

Moreover, the ability of a Scissor Lift to easily ascend and then collapse enables you to store them easily while they are not in operation. Something that is not available with a traditional ladder.

Our Scissor Lift Rental Toronto is further available in two types, namely electric and rough terrain scissor lifts. While electric ones are better suited for indoor work, rough terrain scissor lifts are best for rugged job sites.

You might want to consider Scissor Lift Rental when you need platform space with good outreach capacity.


#2. Boom Lifts – Use in Confined Spaces Where Portability Is Important

boom lift

Boom lifts are often considered as the most versatile aerial work platforms for industrial tasks. Their arms provide for vertical as well as horizontal elevation. Thus, facilitating movements around objects and in narrow spaces.

A Boom Lift Rental will help your workers achieve new heights in places that were previously inaccessible.

Nevertheless, the basic components of a Boom Lift usually involve an attachment at the end of its arm that is connected to the base. The arm uses hydraulics to extend at the desired height.

There are two different types of boom lifts you should know about before entering a rental agreement.

One is the Telescopic boom where the arm extends straight out but lacks maneuverability around obstacles. However, these lifts can carry heavier weights with great horizontal reach. On the other hand, we have articulating booms with arms that can bend around barriers.

Choose to rent a Boom Lift from our wide range when project completion demands elevated heights and mobility.


#3. Forklift – Compact Units for Carrying Heavy Load Materials


Forklifts are mainly geared towards warehouses and storage facilities. These equipment have a forked platform attached at the front specifically for the purpose of insertion under a cargo.

Thus, a Forklift makes it easy to lift, move, and place an object from one place to another.

We offer forklifts in mainly four categories, namely electric forklifts, propane cushion forklifts, Pneumatic propane forklifts, and rough terrain forklifts.

Electric and propane forklifts are more geared towards indoor settings due to their smooth, non-marking tires. On the other hand, pneumatic forklifts offer extreme performance on uneven surfaces, which is usually a good fit for outdoor projects

Rough terrain forklifts serve best when you need something sturdy to work on natural terrains. Whichever one you choose, our Forklift Rental is available in different weight and height capacities to serve your lifting needs.


#4. Telehandlers – Multifunctional Equipment to Serve Different Goals


Telehandlers are another type of lifting equipment extensively used across constriction and agricultural settings. However, you will often spot these machines on a mining site or a waste management area.

A Telehandler is also of great use when you want to carry heavier loads onto platforms and roofs. Plus, they are a safer apparatus for workers to work at difficult surfaces because of their larger and stable bases.

In this range, we also offer state-of-the-art Dieci Rotating Telehandlers with a height reach of up to 98ft and lifting capacities of up to 10,000lbs. These provide a 365 degree turning radius.

Additionally, our Telescopic Forklifts are also available in different weight lifting capacities and are perfect for challenging job sites.

Pick a Telehandler Rental when you need a multi-purpose equipment that can be used with different attachments. We also offer different fork sizes upon request.

Aerial Lift Rentals offer you the flexibility to try out an equipment before committing to buy it. You only pay for the equipment you need and can swap them based on project requirements.

Further, Aerial Lift Equipment Rentals is a dependable solution to take on additional workload without investing heavy capital. We have everything you would need for swift project completion in a cost-effective way.


Supplement Your Fleet with Quality Aerial Lifts at Affordable Rental Rates in GTA!!

Torcan Lift takes pride in offering some of the most advanced and state-of-the-art aerial lift and material handling equipment.

We build our business around superior customer support and reliable quality assurance.

Our massive assemblage of diesel-powered, pneumatic, and electric aerial lift rentals are a useful solution whether you require a temporary fix or a rigorous application.

Torcan strives to offer the best Aerial Lift Rental Prices on the latest model equipment in Toronto.

Moreover, our experienced team of professionals will assist you in determining the equipment suitability as per your specific application.

Experience the Torcan Difference:

  • On-site consultations by our skilled and knowledgeable personnel team
  • Dedicated customer support with on-site and in-house repairs
  • Site delivery and pick-up by our delivery personnel
  • Extensive selection of aerial lifts from reputable names in the industry

With Torcan, you never have to wait or travel long distances just to get the right equipment. Whether you need an aerial lift at short notice or have been planning to rent one for a long time, our team will get it to you.

Get in touch with us @ 416-743-2500 for a quick quote to rent the equipment of your choice right away!