What To Do When the Aerial Lift Stops Working at A Height?

What To Do When the Aerial Lift Stops Working at A Height

Your worker is high up repairing the electrical lines via aerial lift to restore electricity. He diagnoses the issue, repairs it, and it is time for the operator to lower down the boom safely. Alas! It’s the worst nightmare that no personnel want to come true. The boom gets stuck and workers can’t be lifted down. The only solution is to rest for some time at a height and wait for the boom lift inspection and repair. It is frustrating for the worker but at the same time is risky because of a tip and fall accident.  However, the question remains the same? What to do when you are stuck in a boom lift or any aerial lift at a height? Here are 5 basic steps that every worker should follow if they are stuck at a height with a non-operating boom lift.

Do Not Panic! Stay Calm:

The first reaction of every worker stuck at a height is the rush of adrenaline in his veins, because height creates an irresistible fear. As soon as you discover that the boom has stopped working or developed an issue; stay calm. It might be any minor issue that can be mended in minutes. If any major issues exist, it takes some time. Be patient and keep calm.

Take The Help of Ground Crew:

The ground crew has members who are present there immediately for help. Some construction sites have an entire rescue team that works on day and night shifts for the protection of employees/onsite workers. The ground crew will immediately inform the rescue team and communicate with other teams as well to arrange for the rescue operation. You have to cooperate with the team in such a situation. So do not get panic.

Fall Protection Equipment Will Help:

It is one of the basic elements of safety that every worker has to carry with them while working on a boom lift at a height. This fall protection equipment is a savior in such a situation. You have to adhere to the guidelines and know the correct way to use the equipment when stuck in a boom lift.

Do Not Try to Rescue Yourself:

If you are raised at a normal height where you can manage to rescue yourself with fall protection equipment, you can try to rescue. However, it should not be done without the help of the rescue team or any ground staff present at the spot. However, if the boom lift is equipped with an extension and you are raised at a greater height, do not try any rescue operation from your end. It is dangerous as fall accidents are common in such cases. Wait for the rescue team patiently and stay calm.

Wait for Assistance:

The best step you need to take is to sit back quietly and wait for help. Stay in touch with the ground crew members, operator and communicate with them directly. Wait for their help and be equipped with your fall protection equipment.

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