Articulating vs Telescopic Boom Lifts: Which One Should You Choose?

Articulating vs Telescopic Boom Lifts

When it comes to the construction site, the requirement of boom lifts is top. Indeed, encountering a perplexing question like Articulating vs Telescopic Boom Lifts —which works better, is common. So, to help you out, we come up with this blog discussing these boom lifts.

Whether it is an Articulating boom lift or a Telescopic boom lift, the choice should depend on project requirements than machine specifications.

Through this blog, we have discussed the specification of the machine along with their requirement for the project.

Obviously, this guide will be of much help to decide which of the works best for you.

Let’s start with a short intro of the two.


Articulating vs Telescopic Boom Lifts 

Before we move to the key specification of the boom lift, it is vital to look into what they are. In this Articulating vs Telescopic Boom Lifts comparison, we have firstly shared a short introduction.

Certainly, it will allow you moderate information about these leading boom lifts in use.


Articulating Boom Lift: What Is It?

An articulating boom lift is quite different from the regular lifts. Actually, it has sections capable of bending, which helps in the Articulating Boom Platform to lift up and over the obstacles.

Moreover, this specific equipment can move its segment to lift things independently. Evidently, operators find it easier to work even in inaccessible areas at the worksite.

This is why articulating boom lifts perform best outdoors in narrow inaccessible areas or jobsite with obstacles.

Depending on the project requirements, you can either go for Articulating Boom Lift For Sale. In case, the project requires its short-term use, go for Articulating Boom Lift Rental.


Telescopic Boom Lift: What Is It?

Even Telescopic boom lifts are aerial work platforms. Unlike the articulating boom truck, Telescopic lifts’ boom section spread out and up.

Actually, the larger segment of the boom lift is straight. The boom in this machine, because of this reason doesn’t compact down. Moreover, this equipment requires much space to move.

The machine utilizes hydraulics to spread or carry in two main sections.

Evidently, this makes it highly stable compared to other machines. According to your requirement go for Telescoping Lift for sale or rental services.


Articulating vs Telescopic Boom Lifts: What’s the Difference?

Deciding which of the boom lift is best can be difficult. However, comparing them to key factors can help in deciding the best one.

So, let’s start…

#1: Working in Tight Quarters

Do your projects require work in tight quarters or inaccessible narrow areas?

If yes, then you need to check the equipment function with this perspective for sure.

In tight and congested worksite, an articulated boom lift functions well. Actually, it segment can move independently making it reachable to narrower area also.

On the other hand,

If the project is in an open area with greater room to move around, either would go well.  Thus, before going for any of the equipment considering the work area is highly important.


#2: Inside/Outside Work

Where does the project work locate?

Inside or outside or both?

In case, the application is required inside, an articulating boom lift can evolve as your best bet.

In fact, it cuts down the use of ladders or scaffolding. Obviously, these are risky at height due to unsteadiness. Moreover, either boom lift can perform outside with no issues.

If you go for boom lift rental for indoor work, also get power or fuel source for its functioning. Interestingly, Electric-powered equipment doesn’t have emission making it a better option for indoor usages.


#3: Versatility/Dexterity

Another thing you have to ask is what would be the use of the boom lift.

Taking Telescopic boom lift into account, they are stable. Evidently, this makes them reachable for greater height with the extensive stability it offers.

Moreover, Telescopic lifts are greater for transporting materials. The list includes roofing supplies mainly when required at height. Furthermore, it functions well in rough areas even.

In case, you require a machine easily operational over obstacles and has extremely flexibility irrespective of its position, an articulating boom lift is a better choice.

Just position it at the right spot, make some adjustments, and it is available for work. Mainly, an articulated boom lift is best due to the extensive flexibility it offers.

From fixing a power line to other construction works, it appears as a superior material.


#4: Vertical Reach

Typically, Telescopic boom lifts have greater height reach than articulating boom lifts.

Still, in case you are renting or buying a boom lift, you need to think, at what height the work is required. Then only, select your equipment. A regular boom lift can go from 30 to 180 feet high

Definitely, for different jobs, different boom lift sizes are required by operators.

If you are newly into a construction job, it is best to rent the machine initially. Once you have a broader idea of what boom lifts go with what works, you can buy one.

Obviously, these aspects play a deciding factor in buying the right boom lift. However, choosing the right machine can be still complicated. Nonetheless, taking the help of an expert can help to a great extent.


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