How Does Bad Weather Affect the Use of High Capacity Telehandlers?

How Does Bad Weather Affect the Use of High Capacity Telehandlers

Telehandlers are the backbone of the mining, construction, agricultural, logistics, and warehousing industries. These machines consider the most powerful vehicles that can carry and lift all the heavy loads. And utilization of all these heavy machines is always essential despite the nature or circumstance of the work.

However, a question that most likely arises is if telehandler work in bad weather. There are some downfalls of using a telehandler when bad weather creates many challenges and safety. Yet it is possible to operate every high capacity telehandler by taking the necessary precautions and considerations.

In the bad weather, to install rain protection to cabins, it is imperative to supply all operators wear personal rain protection made up of all or a combination of high visibility rain jackets and pants. In addition, rainy skies and wet ground surfaces can increase the daily challenges operators face working in this condition.

So instead of letting experience do the work of training the operators, provide a heads-up to some of the hazards that may catch them by surprise. Include these issues in the training if the operators haven’t already. Bad weather conditions can mean:

Poor Visibility:

In bad weather, condition views can become compromised is a general issue. Even if well-maintained wipers keep this hazard at bay, consider a few others: Skies are darker, and many outdoor worksites rely on natural light to provide adequate visibility. Transitions are difficult, visually, across indoor-outdoor thresholds, and signals that indicate changes in speed or direction can be harder to operate. Train the operators to anticipate these problems and increase the potential for collisions.

Compromised reflexes and judgment:

When the operators are wet, cold, or otherwise uncomfortable may be inclined to make poor decisions when faced with a moment that requires quick action. Every operator should wear the proper dress to prevent the side effect of bad weather while operating the high capacity telehandler.

Follow the rules and provisions for traveling on inclines:

Proper training, and practice session in controlled circumstances, can help every operator navigate while carrying or lifting heavy loads. And ensuring the proper practice and training include moving and parking on inclined wet or rough surfaces.

Equipment maintenance challenges:

The operating team must know how to manage and maintain battery life and propane tanks in hazardous weather conditions. Tires should be inspected and cleaned, as these are some essential factors to know while working in bad weather.

Aware of changes in floor integrity:

High-speed movement over a threshold from wet or dry floors can mean a loss of control for operators. Train operators to slow down and crease their situational awareness during inclement weather.

These are some high-essential pieces of information that telehandler operator needs to follow with proper safety clothes. To get the latest, high-quality, and the best high capacity telehandler with various attachments, contact Torcan Lift Equipment at 1-833-743-2500 to rent or buy the most suitable machine for your work. And if you have any other further queries, visit our official website for more details.