How to Choose and Buy a Suitable Boom Lift?

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A boom lift, otherwise known as Elevated Work Platform (EWP), is usually seen across a number of job sites where workers are to be elevated.

Modern construction and high-rise buildings have further propelled Boom Lifts towards increasing popularity and use.

Roofing, tree trimming, residential construction, and electrical works are just a few things you can do with a Boom Lift. In fact, it provides enough flexibility to reach up to 56 feet or more depending on the model you select.

However, the versatility also opens them up to a wide variety of applications. The one you select has to align with the project’s needs. Plus, at the same time, it should match up with your economical expectations.

In this blog, we’re going to list down the top considerations for selecting a boom lift. Rather than opting for one merely on the basis of working height, there are other factors to weigh when choosing a boom lift.


Boom Lift Checklist – How to Select the Right Aerial Equipment?

The first step to selecting a boom lift is the assessment of the job site.

Determine which type of boom lift will best fit the application requirements and the reach you require.

Otherwise, you also have to pay attention to any obstacles around the work area. Nonetheless, choosing a boom lift can get overwhelming.

Check out this boom lift checklist for making the right Boom Lift Rental or purchase decision and maintain the quality of work performed along with the safety of operators.


#1. Consider the Size and Horizontal Reach

As we mentioned, the height you need the platform to reach is the first thing that comes to mind for boom lift selection. However, there are many more aspects to consider for the right investment.

For instance, boom lifts are known for their multi-dimensional reach. Thus, the horizontal working height of the Aerial Work Platform is also something to take into consideration. This will determine how far the platform will go and extend from the base.

Apart from that, you must account for the stowed height of the equipment, which is crucial for easy storage. A width dimension of about 3 to 4 feet is compatible with narrow spaces.

Plus, invest in a sufficiently-sized boom lift to maintain stability on uneven ground.

All these specs will obviously depend on the type of boom lift and the model you rent or buy.

While telescopic booms list their working height and horizontal reach, an Articulating Boom Lift will also list out the up-and-over height. Thus, it’s a good measure to take note of all these specs before investing.


#2. Pick the Type of Boom You Need

There are predominantly two Boom Lift Types you’ll have to select from. Of course, each will serve you with different flexibility, features, and boom configuration.

The boom designs include telescopic boom lifts and articulating boom lifts, also known as Cherry Picker. The telescopic boom lifts (straight or stick boom) facilitate the work areas where height is the primary criterion of boom selection.

Some Telescopic Boom Lift models can even reach the working height of up to 186 ft. Henceforth, these are a good fit for projects involving significant heights, such as those dealing with bridges or high-rise buildings.

On the contrary, articulating boom lifts are better for projects where maneuverability takes precedence over working height capacity.

These have bendable joints to maneuver around obstacles at work sites. So, it’s probably a sensible step to invest in articulating boom lifts if you want to maximize the outreach of the boom.


#3. Decide Whether You Need Electric or Diesel-Powered Boom Lifts

The third aspect of the boom lift checklist for selection of the Right Aerial Lift is determining the power source. Boom lifts can be electric or diesel-powered. Electric units usually have electric or a combined electric/battery power source.

Due to their compact size and no fume emission, they’re a perfect fit for indoor areas or confined spaces.

Moreover, electric lifts do have non-marking tires making them suitable for different floor surfaces.

While most electric models will have a working height lying anywhere between 30 to 50 feet, a few can even help you reach up to 56 ft. Plus, you can choose from different boom types including vertical mast and articulated booms.

While electrically powered lifts can also be used outdoors, in reality, they rarely are due to practical reasons. A lift powered by internal combustion travels faster and is more suited for rough terrains.

Also, there is no need for constant charging of batteries. However, they are a part of less eco-friendly and sustainable options as compared to electric aerial units.


#4. Explore the Worksite Requirements and Accessories

Job location and worksite conditions have a lot to do with your boom lift selection. Further, the kind of work you’ll be doing will factor in the boom lift checklist for renting or hiring. Accessories are also an integral part of the boom lift operation.

For example, pipe racks can be useful for electrical or plumbing works to keep piping and conduits off the platform.

Further, a jib boom extension can be another useful addition to enhance the mobility and working range of a boom lift.

This facilitates a greater range of motion for moving the platform vertically or horizontally. Thus, a cramped workspace can definitely use the greater outreach of a jib boom model.

Not to mention, hire a work platform with lights if your job involves working during the night or in poor light conditions.

Hiring or buying a Boom Lift for Sale has to account for a range of factors. Though, keeping these considerations in mind should help you out, nonetheless.

Post selection, keep an eye out for potential dangers while the equipment is in operation by preparing a Boom Lift Safety Checklist.

Our on-site professionals will help you determine the best boom lifts suited to your work dynamics.


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