Boom Lift Or Scissor Lift – Factors for Making the Right Decision

Scissor lift
Do you need to rent a boom lift or scissor lift? It’s one question that can only be answered after evaluating certain factors specific to your application requirements.

The intricate nature of construction and maintenance jobs often requires you to rent specialized aerial equipment.

Boom lifts and scissor lifts have been the most commonly hired types for challenging tasks. However, their distinct attributes influence which one you actually end up choosing.

Additionally, how you plan to use the lift along with other nuances involved in a project has a lot to do with the ultimate selection.

This blog is for you if you use rented equipment sporadically and perhaps have difficulty finding the right rental between a Boom Lift and a Scissor Lift.


#1. What Is a Boom Lift and Why Rent It?

boom lift

Boom Lifts are typically aerial equipment with a compact platform and a hydraulic arm. The arm, affixed to a stable base, has the ability to extend both vertically and horizontally.

Thus, opting for a Boom Lift Rental will usually offer you amazing outreach along with application flexibility. There are two types of boom lifts you’ll find for rent, namely telescopic and articulating boom lifts.

A telescopic boom lift facilitates working at heights with a reach of up to 186 feet. Thus, this equipment will be a good choice to enable your crew to work on extreme heights with safety.

On the other hand, you have articulating booms. An Articulating Boom Lift offers an incredible working range with jointed arms.

The arms are bendable making it easy to reach inaccessible areas with the up-over-and-out feature. However, as compared to telescopic boom lifts, articulating booms have a shorter height range.

Reasons to Rent a Boom Lift could be:

  • Enhanced maneuverability to work in hard-to-reach spaces
  • Easy handling with boom configuration and easy-to-move-around base
  • Enhanced safety and cost-effectiveness with avoidance of worksite obstacles
  • Efficient working at greater heights
  • Vertical and horizontal elevation


#2.  What Is a Scissor Lift and Why Rent It?

right aerial lift

A Scissor Lift is your best investment when you need to lift your crew safely to undertake aerial tasks. Scissor Lifts usually come with a large work platform supported by crisscrossed braces.

These braces extend vertically to lift your workers along with any material they might be carrying with them. However, you always have to place the equipment right beneath the work area to reach the desired place.

While this may sound limiting, scissor lifts are by far one of the best solutions to work in limited spaces. The storage also doesn’t take much space considering the braces retract and fit in smaller spaces.

Electric scissor lifts with non-marking tires are often a popular choice to work at indoor sites. Moreover, these lifts are usually a good fit for projects with working height requirements of 19-59 feet.

Reasons to Rent a Scissor Lift could be:

  • Safe vertical elevation to carry multiple workers together to heights
  • Different types available depending on indoor and outdoor usage
  • Compact units taking up less storage space
  • Ergonomic solution and easy-to-use controls with appropriate Scissor Lift Training
  • Strong and stable platforms with little chance of tipping over

Thus, a Scissor Lift Rental is oftentimes best for a project that prioritizes workers’ safety and ease of movement.

Now that we’re done with the basics, here are some additional factors that’ll supplement your decision-making process.


Boom Lift Or Scissor Lift – What Are the Factors to Go for?

boom lift or scissor lift

Choosing between these highly efficient aerial lifts ultimately comes down to determining work specifics. Factors like location along with height and width of the lift will factor in.

Assess your individual situation based on the following factors to choose either Boom Lift Or Scissor Lift.


#1. Required Working Height

Aerial Lift Rental is all about elevation and making it easier to work at heights. So, obviously, you’ll have to assess how high you want to go in order to do the work.

Scissor lifts are typically used in residential projects with height requirements of up to 40 feet. Though, a Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Rental can help you reach up to 47-59 feet.

To reach even greater heights, a boom lift will be a better fit with a height reach of anywhere from 36 to 186 feet. This shall obviously depend on the type of lift you choose.


#2. Workers Involved in a Job

The number of workers you need to lift also determines the type of lift you should be renting.

A boom lift is best for specific jobs where only one worker is enough to accomplish the task.

On the other hand, the platform of a scissor lift is large enough to fit in multiple workers. Tasks involving painting, sign hanging, and ceiling work might benefit from using this equipment.


#3. Location Accessibility

Before deciding on either a boom lift or scissor lift, consider the worksite accessibility.

Whether the direction of movement is just vertical or you need horizontal reach as well? Is the job site located in a complicated location surrounded by obstacles?

These are just some of the questions you must ask. Choose a boom lift for complicated sites or a spot that’s hard to access. Otherwise, a Scissor Lift Rental Toronto should suffice for a work spot that’s straight and up.


#4. Weight Capacity

Do you need to get heavier materials to the job site? Consider the weight capacity of the lift you choose. Neglecting this could lead to injuries or even material damage.

Typically, a scissor lift has more weight capacity than boom lifts with rough terrain scissor lifts able to carry up to 1,500 LBS.

Comparatively, whether you rent a boom lift or buy a Boom Lift for Sale, you would be able to load around 500-750 LBS.


#5. Budget Restrictions

Last but not the least, you do have to consider your financial resources and how much you’re willing to invest. Due to higher functionality, boom lifts are expensive than scissor lifts.

Choose scissor lift if either boom lift or scissor lift can fulfill the job requirements. This way you’ll save money without compromising on the project outcome.

At the very least, what’s important is you select the equipment that matches the work parameters. Our experts assist until you get your desired lift on site.


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