Expectation Vs Reality: Buying Used Equipment

Used Equipment has experienced a major boost in popularity.

Up and coming developments, commercial and residential renovations, and specialized projects have greatly helped in the surge in popularity for used equipment.

With the construction industry booming and new projects always arising, companies are now considering whether to purchase their own equipment to use.

This would act as a great investment for the company, however brand new equipment has the potential to be very pricey.

So how about purchasing used equipment?

Even with the convenience and practicality of purchasing used construction equipment, construction personnel tend to steer away from the idea, but why?

Because there is a lot of false and negative information surrounding the idea of purchasing used equipment.

False information such as:

  • Used equipment requires more money and time being put into it
  • Used equipment always comes with underlying mechanical issues
  • Not being able to find good quality used equipment

Below, we have address the most frequently asked questions and assumptions about purchasing used construction equipment to demonstrate that I can be a great investment for yourself and your company!


How do I know I am getting a high quality machine?

Buying used equipment can come with a risk. That is why the first thing you may want to do is research.

Purchasing from a reputable dealer / seller is the main route you need to take when considering an investment such as this one.

A trusted equipment dealer is the best resource for used machines. This ensures the equipment has been serviced, maintained, and certified by qualified and skilled mechanics and technicians.

A bonus to purchasing through a reputable dealer is their relationship with the equipment’s direct manufacturer. This greatly enhances the integrity of the equipment. Not to mention the easy access to OEM parts for the equipment if they were ever needed.

For example, Torcan Lift Equipment is a reputable dealer for Genie, Skyjack, JLG, Dieci, and much more. Our sales, service, rentals, and parts teams are trained and highly knowledgeable in these types of machines.


How do I know what to look for in used equipment?

Before going through with a sale a visual inspection should be at the top of your list. Always request a 360 video or photos before making the trip to see the equipment. If satisfied witconsuh the visuals then a physical inspection is next.

The undercarriage, tires, and cab are the first areas to check. Request a drive / trial to then observe and get a feel for how the machine operates and works. This will also allow you to look for or notice any hydraulic, fuel, and oil leaks.

Here at Torcan we offer customer inspections as well as a try before you buy option at no charge if you decide to go forth with the sale. We always ensure the customer is 100% satisfied and confident in their equipment purchase.


Is used equipment really more affordable that new equipment?

It is understandable to question the long-term savings of purchasing a piece of used equipment vs. a brand new machine.

The initial cost of the machine will certainly be lower than that of a new piece. However, it is fair to be concerned with and potential future repair costs if something does happen to the machine.

This brings us back to the point of making sure you are doing your research and choosing a competent certified seller to purchase from.

Going through the process of purchasing a piece of used equipment does come with questions and concerns.

But you should not let assumptions and false information stop you from investing in a piece of good quality used construction equipment.

Remember: Quality Dealer = Quality Purchase !