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jlg-lift-equipment-rental-port-orange-flWhen it comes to choosing the Best Lift Rental Company in Toronto, you have to focus on lots of factors. Considering all things, you are giving your time and cash for that equipment so it is very necessary for you to get the best esteem for your venture.

At Torcan Lift Equipment, you can get the supreme service that you require and merit. Truth be told, we have been in the business since 1999, which makes us the right individuals for the job. You can depend on our level of skill and experience, and we even give administrations day by day, week by week or crisis needs rentals, contingent upon your needs.

We serve different clients in and around Toronto. On the off chance that you have to book any lift equipment, you should do nothing more than to get in touch with us – absolutely free. In addition, we offer Net 30-day charging for Charge Account Customers. With a huge number of hardware, and gear accessible, you will unquestionably discover only the right thing you need

equipment_rental_forklift_rental_boom_lift_rental_scissor_lift_rental_aerial_lift_rental_memphis_tennesseeKey Facts You Need to Know

It may help to understand a few things about the lift rental, which can come in handy when you need some help renting lift equipment. For example, there are costs and fees that have to be settled, and some of these may be important enough. With Torcan Tool Rental program, you can be sure that you are informed well of any costs included. Among the fees that you are most likely to sustain are the following:

 # Fuel

There are different ways that you can be charged for the fuel you use for the rented equipment. Tanks with less than three gallons of fuel are charged with a flat rate (non-refundable).

To get you started in no-time, we powered our vehicles with the best suitable fuel. Keep in mind that the equipment you rent from us is on a full tank

Pickup and Delivery

We also offer pickup and delivery service to numerous locale of Toronto. The equipment you rent whether it is towable or non-towable, affects the rates we charge. The distance from our office to the pickup and delivery address is the major deciding factor in term of fees we charge.

Damage Protection

Under several circumstances such as theft, accidental damage, vandalism, wear and tear – We also offer a damage protection program

Sales Tax

Sales tax is charged on any equipment we deliver, except for direct labor charges. Tax rate is charged based on the location or county of delivery.

Some additional conditions you need to know about.

When you return the equipment to us, we will make sure it is in good condition by inspecting it carefully. Then, we will close the contract and present you with the final bill based on any fees incurred. Final charges will also be posted to your credit card when applicable.

So please free to contact us anytime for any issues or questions you may have about our services and products.

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