Construction Equipment Rental – A Beginner’s Guide

construction equipment rental
Renting heavy equipment is becoming a trend all too common within the construction industry. As a project owner, renting makes logical sense when you don’t want to tie up capital in buying machinery.

Moreover, a construction equipment rental allows you to cut both time and cost and meet deadlines. It has also encouraged companies to come up with technologically advanced solutions.

As a result, the options are practically limitless and attractive for someone who doesn’t want to enter into a commitment by making a long-term investment.

Experts at Torcan strive to meet the growing demand for construction rentals with our varied range of latest model aerial lift and material handling equipment. Whether it’s to fill a gap in your fleet or replace damaged equipment, we have a practical solution for you.

The following guide is meant to supplement your understanding of rentals and help you pick the right equipment.


Why Go for Construction Equipment Rental?

While renting is a short-term solution, it’s fitting for situations where you’re operating on a tight budget. Moreover, it allows you to try equipment and mix-and-match ahead of investing.

However, buying can also be a good decision all on its own. There can be Buying Equipment Advantages in circumstances where you use some machineries on a regular basis and are looking for a return on investments.

But for the purpose of this blog, we’re going to be focusing on renting and the associated advantages.

Here are some of the most common reasons in the favour of entering into a Construction Equipment Rental Agreement:


#1. Rental Equipment Usually Features Advanced Technology

The likelihood to get a piece of equipment that’s technologically advanced increases when you go the Rentals route. Companies usually offer a lineup of the latest machinery with new features and functionalities.

Rentals give you the freedom to switch the equipment for a better model anytime you desire. This obviously allows you to meet diverse project demands that are maybe not achievable with your existing fleet.

Besides, your crew also gets the opportunity to work with newer models and upgrade their skills and training levels.


#2. You Eliminate Service and Maintenance Costs

Any service and maintenance expenses that may arise in the course of using the equipment is not your concern when you rent. Rather, it’s the responsibility of the rental company to fix any damages and offer replacements.

Thus, you’re free from the burden of Heavy Equipment Care and repairs cutting off a major portion of your budget.

However, this doesn’t only save you money but you also don’t have to worry about the storage of damaged equipment.


#3. Availability of Specialized Equipment for Short-Term Jobs

With a Commercial Construction Equipment Rental, you’re simply not stuck when you need something for one-off jobs. Rentals enhance the possibility to get the equipment of your choice for special tasks.

This way you also don’t have to worry about storing or maintaining the equipment that you don’t use regularly.

Another perk could be not having to make ends meet with existing equipment that clearly needs a replacement.


#4. Well-Maintained Equipment Ready to Get to Work

Signing up for a rental agreement avails you a fully inspected and reliable fleet of equipment. These are usually ready to be of use as soon as they are on your site.

Moreover, a Construction Equipment Rental Company usually has a large inventory of new model equipment.

Torcan Lift also offers timely replacements if need be. We source parts from reputable suppliers, such as Skyjack, Genie, Bobcat, and Dieci.


#5. Try New Models Before Buying Them

You have the opportunity to try new equipment and get the first-hand experience of operating them before you finally make the purchase.

This kind of flexibility allows making the best investments while also saving costs on the machinery you don’t really need.

Further, opting for our rent to own option enables the use of the equipment before you make the actual investment. The rental will be absolutely free in case you do decide to buy.

Hence, renting a piece of equipment rids you of heavy expenses on repairs and servicing and frees up capital for use in other areas of business expansion.

Additionally, here are some tips to follow for the selection of the right equipment.


Construction Equipment Rental Checklist

Accounting for a few factors beforehand can help you select the most effective equipment to increase productivity.

Moreover, asking the right questions is always an indispensable step to hire the Best Lift Rental Company.

Here are some of the considerations before entering into a rental agreement:

  • Look for a wide selection of newer machines with the latest features and functions
  • Inquire how the company maintains and inspects its machinery
  • Make sure there are experts and on-site specialists to help you choose your equipment as per your specifications
  • Ask about the rental charges and if there are any associated expenses
  • Consider the use hours on the machines you rent

Besides, consistent customer service will help you not regret your decision to rent the equipment instead of buying a new or Used Construction Equipment in the first place.

Sorting through rental agreements can be a time-taking ordeal. Though, Torcan Lift has everything to simplify the process while minimizing the financial burdens.


Get Affordable Rentals on Premium Aerial Equipment in the GTA

Find What You Are Looking for with Torcan Lift!!

We specialize in the aerial lifting and material handling equipment industry with practical exposure of over two decades.

Our entire fleet of aerial lifts are technologically sound and incorporate the latest innovations to fit in with your project dynamics.

Torcan Lift understands the importance of a flexible rental agreement that’s customized to meet your requirements. That’s why we offer varied terms whereby you can rent any equipment for a day, week, or even months.

Moreover, we cut out the hassles associated with the transportation of heavy equipment.

We have trained delivery personnel for site to site transportation. So, you don’t have to incur any unexpected expenses for transporting equipment to your site.

Torcan Lift Rental Services include:

  • On-site consults to help you determine the equipment that fit the bill for you
  • Timely delivery and pick-up so that you get back to the job as soon as possible
  • 24/7 service for in-house and on-site repairs

Reach out to us @ 416-743-2500 for further inquiries about our Construction Equipment Rental Toronto services.


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