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crawler cranes

What are Crawler Cranes?

The cranes are very important machines used in various industries like: construction, manufacturing or production facilities, transportation, etc. One of the most versatile crane that is widely used today in construction industries is the crawler cranes.

It is basically a tracked vehicle that has a crane mechanism attached to it. These crawlers are designed with telescopic booms. The crawler crane is a versatile machine which is capable of performing and completing various lifting tasks on all types of ground with ease over rugged or uneven surfaces and weather conditions.

crawler cranes

Advantages of using a Crawler crane


  1. ROUGH AND CHALLENGING TERRAIN- These Crawler cranes move on treads (called crawlers) rather than wheels. These crawler cranes are well equipped with wheels that will allow them to take easily through unpaved areas and challenging landscapes.

The main advantage of these cranes is that it can easily handle weights up to 3,500 short tons. By using Crawler cranes, it is easy to lift and move the heavy loads from one site to another site of construction.

However, the crawler crane have to be dismantled during the transportation to the work site via rail or truck.

  1. HEALTH AND SAFETY FEATURES- Crawler cranes include safe operations that is a vital element for optimum equipment uptime.

It contains many facets and includes turnover protection with stability warning lambs, safety overload alarms and advanced computer safety aids, all of which help prevent the risk of the crane tipping.

  1. ECO-FRIENDLY- Another benefit of Crawler crane include ergonomic and eco-friendly (ergo-eco) clean operation, quiet movement, remote controlled walk along functionality, turning on the dime (360°) and ability to travel in any direction for multi-use applications.

There are variety of crawler cranes available in eco-friendly formats designed for interior access with varying lifting capacities.

  1. REDUCE SITE DISRUPTION: SAVE TIME & MONEY-  When you purchase a crawler crane, a lot of capital is invested from your operating business. If you opt for renting the crane, then you can go ahead with your project without incurring additional construction costs.

Hiring a crane for your particular work is the best possible way that helps you to save time and money. This results in avoiding a lot of expenses incurred on hiring an operator and provide them training, arranging insurance, paying for transportation and finding a storage facility.

  1. CONFINED SPACES- One of the important benefit of the Crawler crane is their ability to perform the most complicated works and lifts in some of the most complicated areas.

These crawler cranes provide lifting in unconventional and difficult situations. With spider leg style outrigger design, these cranes can easily set up for lifting in almost any work space available.

Disadvantages of using a Crawler crane


  1. CRANE BUCKLING OR COLLAPSING – The crawler cranes have weight limits to ensure they do not tip over. Cranes also use counterweight and out-rigging systems to counterbalance the weight. If the maximum weight is exceeded the crane will be in danger of either buckling or the boom may collapse. This increases the costs of using a crawler crane.
  2. IMPROPER CRANE ASSEMBLY – One of the major reason that a boom collapses is improper assembly of the crane. In addition, if the crane does not have the proper wood or metal blocking supports to stabilize the load the crane is carrying, the load could move and cause the crane to collapse.
  3. IMPROPER EMPLOYEE TRAINING – When the employees are trained to perform their work according to industry standards, they contribute to the success of industry. Employees who do not have the proper training in operating a crane and safety procedures may lead to serious accidents which creates problems for the business.
  4. MECHANICAL FAILURES – Lack of maintenance can result in accidents occurring with machinery and equipment ultimately breaking down. To prevent accidents caused by mechanical failure, routine maintenance, oiling on regular basis and repairs should be strictly followed.
  5. TRANSPORTATION COST- This is another disadvantage of crawler crane that it is really hard enough to move such kind of cranes from one place to another. For moving such kind of cranes from one place to another you need to spend a good amount of money.


What Are The Ways To Prevent Crawler Crane Accidents?


      • Analyze the Construction Site
      • Set Up a Safety Plan
      • Designate an Employee to Oversee Crane Operations
      • Use Properly Trained Personnel to Operate Cranes
      • Teach Employees About Proper Crane Operation Safety
      • Barricade areas within swing radius
      • Ensure proper maintenance and inspections
      • Stay Focused


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