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Telehandlers are powerful hybrid machines used for construction, mining and agriculture sectors in Toronto. A cross between a forklift and a crane, it is a versatile lifting machine and incorporates a telescope with a lifting attachment according to the work in hand.

Nowadays Telehandler has combined the capabilities of a forklift, crane, and work platform, which rolls into a single machine. So, there is countless other possible functions and usage of the telehandler.

A simple quick hitch design allows the operator to change the attachment safely and effectively to complete versatile tasks.


Common applications & Usages of Telehandler


In addition to Telehandler, Best Point Control is designed for many single-path application types such as wheel loaders, large forklift, stacker access, forestry machine, and dumpers.

In agriculture, they are commonly used to move the load from a wheel loader or backhoe loader and can reach high-level trailers or hoppers directly.


Use of Telehandler


#1 – Repairing tall buildings

#2 – Cleaning up sites

#3 – Tree surgery

#4 – Waste and recycling


Now, if we talk about a selection of the best telehandler brand in the market, DIECI comes at the top.

Torcan Lift Equipment, Toronto, provides sales & rental for various DIECI TELEHANDLER models according to your need and budget.

Let’s explore more about the company Dieci


About the company DIECI


Dieci produced their first telehandler in 1983 with an advanced research and development team. Dieci tries to achieve the highest standards with our innovative and cost effective tools.

The Dieci machines are manufactured with extremely heavy duty boom sections and main frames and are designed to handle continuous duty-cycle bucket usage. Visibility and safety features are the best in the industry.

Dieci Telehandlers Ltd has a growing network in Toronto We currently have several such areas where we are trying to increase our dealer network and welcome customers to inquire with dealers to expand their product offering.


Dieci Telehandler Specifications


  • Capacity Options: 5,500 lbs. – 10,000 lbs.
  • Fuel Options: Diesel
  • Tire Option: Large pneumatic for rough terrain
  • Lift Height: 19’ to 98’ ft.
  • Platform Reach: up to 84 ft.



Lift Capacity

Lift Height

Dieci-ApolloAPOLLO 25.6

5,500 LBS

19 FT

Zeus-33ZEUS 33.11

7,300 LBS


 Icarus-40ICARUS 40.14

8,800 LBS

44 FT

 Icarus-45ICARUS 45.17

10,000 LBS

56 FT

 Pegasus-40PEGASUS 40.25

9,000 LBS

79 FT

Pegasus-45PEGASUS 45.30

10,000 LBS

98 FT


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Dieci Telehandlers Specifications & Price Details


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