Meet The DIECI Family !

Diecis launches new telehandlers

Dieci has been designing and manufacturing some of the top, best in class construction equipment since 1962. They began in the industry by first designing and building concrete mixers, and by 1983 they were one of the first European manufacturers to develop and produce and entire range of telehandlers.

These telehandlers have continued to further develop and become accustom to current construction equipment trends.

Dieci telehandlers have been designed to be equipped with heavy duty boom sections and main frames. They are specifically designed to endure and work through the rough and rigorous elements associated with day to day heavy duty construction tasks.

The visibility and safety features are said to be one of the best in the industry.

The Dieci telehandler line includes: over 75 models, ranging from 5500LB to 50,700LB lift capacities and heights ranging as high as 114 FT. Dieci is sure to have the right telehandler for any kind of job.

Torcan Lift Equipment is a certified dealer for Dieci. We keep multiple Dieci telehandlers in stock available for both rental and purchase. This innovative type of telehandler would be considered a great asset to have on any type of job site.

The main types of telehandlers from the Dieci range we carry are: the Pegasus, the Icarus, the Zeus, and the Apollo.

We will soon be adding the brand new Hercules, along with the brand new Samson to our extensive inventory.




The Pegasus is a rotary telehandler, this machine can come as a continuous rotary (360 degrees) or non-continuous (400 degrees). This unit can fit multiple types of attachments to the arm allowing it to act as a telehandler, aerial platform, and a crane.

The Pegasus comes equipped with automatic leveling outriggers and an electric control system.

These two features allow for this machine to operate in any position, including unlevelled/rough terrain. The Pegasus’ range from 8300LBS to 13,000LBS and lifting heights of 52FT to 82FT.

The Pegasus also comes equipped with the following features:

  • Load sensing / flow sharing hydraulic distributer
  • Capacitive joystick with deadman sensor
  • ROPS-FOPS approved cab
  • Smart navigation system\




The Icarus telehanlders is a family of vehicles highly convenient for larger jobs in the construction and industrial sectors due to its strength, power, and capable lifting heights.

The hood of the engine has been designed to reduce high levels of noise emission and optimize heat dissipation. This unit has been designed to include a separator pre-filter along with the air filter.

This prevents the entrance of dust and any abrasive particles, materials, and substances within the engine. Thus allowing for greater efficiency and a much longer engine life as well as quality.

The cab which is ROPS-FOPS approved, is highly comfortable with adjustable air conditioning settings and an operator’s seat with automatic suspension.

Ensuring a comfortable and productive job for the operator. This family comes in sizes ranging from 6000LBS – 8800LBS and lifting heights ranging from 44FT to 60FT.




The family of Zeus telehandlers are compiled of adaptable resourceful and effective telehandlers.

These telehandlers are designed to handle important loads in confined spaces with the perfect balance of power and agility. This unit is built to reduce operating costs as well as emissions.

The Zeus family come equipped with intelligent commands, such as: a single joystick (regardless of the load), automatic electric parking break, integrated FNR, easily readable and clear vehicle information and controls on the dashboard and display screen.

These telehandlers range in size from 7700LBS to 8800LBS and lifting heights of 23FT to 41FT.

The following features are also included with the Zeus’:

  • Anti-tipping system
  • Independent outriggers
  • Transverse leveling device




This telehandler is the fixed boom telehandler for the industry. With amazing features, high versatility and best handling; it has become the “mini handler” designed to meet the needs of “small works”.

Perfect for heavy lifting in the tight and confined areas of a work site.

The Apollo can be fitted with a multitude of accessories such as lifting hooks, grippers, buckets, winches, and baskets. This unit has a lifting height of almost 19FT and a load capacity of almost 6000LBS.

Coming soon to Torcan Lift Equipment, we will be introducing the Hercules and the Samson!




The Hercules is a part of a telehandler family known for their great power and strength (hence the name).

They are situated in the “giants” market of construction equipment. They include all of the “pros” related to safety, handling, and comfort, in addition to their highly advanced hydraulic solutions.

This machine can really show off in a large construction sites, quarries, mining sites, harbours, shipping yards and all heavy job sites in general.

The SCR exhaust gas treatment technology allows for optimized combustion management and significantly reduced consumption.

These telehandlers range from 22,000LBS to 50,700LBS and 31-33 FT. they also come equipped with:

  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Central differential
  • Load sensing-flow sharing control
  • Inching pedal control




This family of telehanlders consists of extremely powerful and strong telehandlers, with incomparable power qualities and lift capacities.

Highly suitable for heavy and intensive work on the job sites in both commercial and industrial sectors. These machines have been designed for professional use and heavy duty applications.

The strength and speed of these units is crucial for achieving the maximum productivity.

These exceptional machines range from 11,000LBS to 14,000LBS and 24-29 FT in reach.

They come equipped with: high power and efficient engines, arm too high function, anti-tipping system, ROPS & FOPS cab, and transversal leveling device.