What are the Most Fascinating Aerial Lifts that Everyone Must Have for Better Results?

What are the most Fascinating Aerial Lifts that everyone must have for better results

Nowadays, aerial lifts are like a godsend for every construction site. People working at a certain height without any hassle make them most of the most loved and used telehandlers. Aerial lifts are the most versatile machine with different attachments. These lifts get the team and their tools where they need to be to get the work done.

However, choosing the right Aerial lift is the most necessary task for every construction site. Buy and rent one of the latest and well-equipped telehandlers through Torcan Lifts Equipment as an aerial lift is a safer and more stable telehandler than the other methods of working at height.

How to choose the right Aerial Lift?

Which types of aerial lifts are suitable for the job? Before purchasing and renting the lift equipment, consider these key factors to get the best aerial lift for any project. The location and shape of the job site is the most important thing to remember before starting. Evaluate how much room the operator will have to navigate to determine the size. Consider the ground or floor of the job site before using Aerial lifts. Determine and examine the weight of the heaviest item that will need to move. Last, consider the highest point that needs to access and choose a lift that can exceed that height to ensure the need.

Now let’s check out some Aerial Lifts Options:

  • Rough Terrain Lifts:

On rough ground, rough terrain lifts utilize where many other machines and lifts cannot go. Typical features include foam tires and a four-wheel drive for stability. For long distance and heavy building materials on rough terrain are easily moved.

  • Scissor Lifts:

On the construction job site, scissor lifts are the best telehandler that features a pair of crisscrossing supports for larger platforms and heavier loads than boom lifts that raise or lower straight up. A fact about scissor lifts that makes them great for jobs require raising several workers or large pieces of equipment at once. The main drawback to scissor lifts is their limited height of between 20-40 feet.

  • Atrium Lifts:

Atrium lifts are also known as spider lifts. It’s a boom lift those folds into a compact package capable of fitting through a doorway. Atrium lifts are ideal for completing work at extreme heights where space is limited. Indoors, large venues, or stadiums are the perfect space for atrium lifts.

  • Boom Lifts:

Boom lifts have a long boom arm that raises and lowers to lift workers to height. It is available in two types- Straight boom lift and articulating boom lift. A straight boom lift has a telescoping arm that reaches upward and is well-equipped with an arm that extends straight up. It has higher reachability and can bend for greater accessibility in tight spaces with two hinged joints than any other lift. 360-degree rotation capability and keeping the basket at a steady height is another advantage of this lift.

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