How to Figure Out Which Scissor Lift You Need For The Construction?

How to Figure Out Which Scissor Lift You Need For The Construction

There is nothing like a scissor lift to give quick and safest access to the hard-to-reach area at various heights without a scaffold. Using one of these pieces of equipment is important to many construction projects.

However, getting the perfect scissor lift is tricky, especially if you have never bought or rented a scissor lift for your job before. So, you need to consider a few issues, like its height, load capacity, or its type of terrain. If you make a wrong choice, your scissor lift will not be able to fulfill your needs.

The Types of Scissor Lift You Can Use For Your Work:

Not only can you always buy or rent several types of scissor lifts for your various job sites, but some lifts are powered in a way that affects how it works or where they work.

  • Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

These four-wheel-drive scissor lifts are way better for rough terrains and carrying all the heavyweights. These dual-fuel or diesel engines can operate safely and provide extra horsepower for maneuvering over rugged landscapes and uneven worksites. Also, it is best for an outdoor environment.

  • Electric Scissor Lifts

The electric-powered scissor lift is the best for indoor use as this heavy machine never releases fumes and operates quietly, reducing irritating noise that can echo and amplify in limited spaces. Additionally, electric lifts work better in tight spaces as they have a smaller footprint.

Fortunately, all the heavy machine operators can also choose the heavy machinery by looking closer at the nature of the project they will be working on and observing the job site.

Let’s check out a few more steps to choose the best scissor lift with some necessary factors you need to consider before deciding which scissor lift will be yours.

  • The Working Height:

The most common consideration is to check the account for minimum and maximum work height requirements for your job site. Also, you should be able to find a scissor lift that provides you with a precise amount of vertical reach with the change of heights. 

However, if you find more than one option that suits your height requirements, always consider other factors to narrow down your choices. There are safety rules for scissor lift to follow to enhance its productivity for longer hours. It also includes special rules for working on height. 

  • The Platform Width:

Another essential fact to consider is the platform width. Even though the platform comes in standard sizes, you do have the option to extend the platform. However, bigger never necessarily means better.

So, when you extend the platform size, you change the center of gravity, affecting the overall performance of the lift. Be sure to alter your lift calculations to account for the change, as an unstable load can cause severe damage. Get a thorough examination of Scissor lift before you decide to rent or buy.

  • The Type of Work Environment:

Always consider the work environment for your job because the place you need to work affects whether you need an emission-free electric lift for indoor jobs, a narrow scissor lifts to access hard-to-reach spaces on crowded worksites, or a four-wheel-drive model to navigate rough terrain.

  • Type of Work Task

Knowing the tasks required for your project and the material in your loads helps to get the best lift because you need to navigate through small areas, and you may need a narrower or smaller scissor lift. 

So, if you need to fix something from above, you may require a lift that has a higher reach. Also, consider the stability of your load, the material included, and the load’s center of gravity. All of these considerations impact your lift choice.

Let’s Learn About Scissor Lift Safety:

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) applies safety standards for the design and use of the scissor lift that includes:

  • For the scissor lift operator, regular and certified training is necessary.
  • Design standards need that scissor lift come with guard rails to prevent falls.
  • The scissor lifts are to be used only on flat surfaces to reduce falls—only all-terrain with special gradability are allowed on uneven surfaces.

Buy or Rent Scissor Lift:

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