Top 4 Signs Your Forklift Requires Service Or Maintenance

Forklift Repair Checklist
Forklifts are the backbone of a number of operational tasks in construction, logistics, and warehousing industries. They cut out extra project time, reduce costs, and offer a safer work platform for your workers.

However, do you know forklift downtime can cost you heavily?

Considering all the heavy lifting a forklift does, it only becomes obvious to service and maintain it on a consistent basis. In fact, proper Forklift Maintenance can help avoid the extra financial burden and increase productivity.

Taking assistance from a qualified aerial lift repair professional in Toronto is a good call. However, in order to keep your Forklifts in good condition, you need to know when to get help.

Regular inspection can obviously help eliminate most of the issues at its root. However, what about those problems that have already surfaced? Are your operators equipped to detect them?

In today’s blog, we’ve prepared a Forklift Repair Checklist to list out the signs that indicate your forklift may require repair.


Top Signs Your Forklift Is in Need of a Maintenance Plan

Usually, it’s a good measure to undertake thorough inspection every 3 to 6 months to check for potential issues.

So, if it has been more than that, then you may not have to read further because there’s a good chance you need to hire Forklift Repair Service right away.

Even if your forklift is in a seemingly good condition, it would be prudent to check for signs of damage.

To that end, operators should know what they need to pay attention to in order to avoid further damage to forklifts. Our forklift repair checklist will help sort that out.

Check out these signs so that you don’t miss out on subtle cues indicating a need for Forklift Repairs.


#1. Forklift Chain Is Damaged

Damage in forklift chains can become the cause of machine failure. In fact, the forklift may halt in the middle of a job resulting in increased downtime and project costs.

Forklift chains usually don’t require replacing as long as they are well lubricated with oil. However, any sign of corrosion, rust, kinking, or overly extended chain indicates the need for repairs or replacements.

Missing out on these signs can end up costing you heavily as chains are an important component of the internal functioning of a forklift.

It should also be noted that not getting the chain replaced on time can also damage the load you’re carrying.


#2. Oil Leak

This is one of the most important aspects to include in your forklift repair checklist. Look out for leaks within or beneath the forklift. If the oil is leaking, there’s a good chance it will be visible around the job site.

Oil leaking is a sign that less oil is available to lubricate the different moving parts of the machinery. Thus, leading to increased friction and grinding of gears, which interrupts the smooth functioning of the forklift. 

Many operators make the mistake of adding in more oil, which is, obviously, not a permanent fix. Repairing the root cause of the oil leak is important. Not doing so may lead to hydraulic system failure.


#3. Battery Drainage

Hiring an electric Forklift Rental or investing in one is really one of the best decisions you can make for indoor operations.

However, it’s time to look out for battery servicing in case it is not able to hold a charge like normal. To assess the condition, take note of the hours the forklift battery is able to hold a charge in comparison to its previous records.

In general, it’s a good idea to charge batteries when they are at 20-30% of their range. It’s also imperative to use the correct charger and see that the battery has enough water.

However, a battery can only last for so long. And if you’ve been seeing quick drainage issues, then it’s time to hire Electric Forklift Repair services.


#4. Forks Are Worn Or Damaged

Forks are clearly essential to forklift operation, and not taking care of their condition can prove to be an economic as well as safety hazard. On the financial front, damaged forks may not be able to hold weight and drop the load, damaging the goods in transit.

On the other hand, errors in loading and unloading of goods can also pose a safety risk for on-site workers. Well, it’s natural for forks to get damaged with time depending on the load and the amount of operation.

But it’s crucial to pay attention as soon as you notice surface cracks, bents, or misalignment in forks.

Moreover, regular wear and tear also reduce the fork’s capacity and, when this happens, it’s probably time to replace the forks. 

Keep these basic tips in mind to detect and even prevent heavy Forklift Repair Cost through early servicing.

Some Other Warning Signs Indicating the Need for Repairs

Apart from the above-mentioned common issues, also include the following in your forklift repair checklist to maintain optimal equipment operations:

  • High emission of white or black smoke from the exhaust system carrying a strong odour
  • Rough forklift ride indicating tire damage and the need for replacements
  • Engine temperature reaching above the normal heat range
  • Slow mechanical response while lifting or using attachments
  • Wear and damage in mast sticks hindering the lifting functions

As long as you keep these guidelines in check, there shouldn’t be any long-term and costly consequences of forklift operation in your organization.

However, if your forklift is exhibiting any of these issues, then it’s time to get in touch with our repair experts in Toronto.


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