What You Must Know About Forklift Training and Certification?

forklift training and certification

Forklifts have now become a part of a number of industries across Toronto. They are regularly used in construction, mining, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. However, proper use of this equipment is not possible without the right training and know-how skills.

In fact, forklift operation requires the operators to have expert level knowledge and skills to safely handle the equipment.

Not to mention, you need to enroll for a training program that meets the regulations set out by the OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety Act).

Also, as per the Ontario Ministry of Labour, operators have to be competent enough to safely handle lifting equipment. Evidently, complete training of forklift operation is indispensable if you’re looking for a job in the industry.

We, at Torcan Lift, specialize in offering Certified Forklift Training programs backed by OSHA, CSA, and MOL Standards.

Here’s a checklist from Torcan Lift to remind you of the necessary requirements for a full-fledged training.


Forklift Training Requirements In Toronto

Forklift License, otherwise known as, forklift certification in Toronto is quintessential for a workplace to abide by best safety standards.

Moreover,  it’s also the employer’s responsibility to get their operators trained in any lifting machines they’re required to work with.

Nonetheless, what you do need to look for, first and foremost, is that the Forklift Training and Certification does comply with the legal and professional standards.

Here are some points that illustrate what you must know to receive the Best Forklift Training in Toronto.

forklift training and certification


#1. Look for a Program That Offers Both In-Class and Practical Training

Theoretical and hands-on training are integral to a good training course. A curriculum focusing on just one or the other will definitely not provide you with the required competence.

Here’s how getting training both in-class and practically helps you in your forklift job:

  • The In-class part of the course usually helps you grasp theoretical forklift knowledge. Topics during this session include federal legislation and guidelines along with safety rules.

Operators also receive the required know-how of lift truck design and functionalities. This kind of education later helps the operator understand the main driving hazards and how to avoid getting into accidents.

  • The practical part of the training course actually gives you enough time to operate the equipment. You get the training under a professional trainer.

At the end of the course, the trainees usually undergo a practical test to assess their skills and competency.

Well, the Best Forklift Training Program blends the theory and practical part of training procedures in the right proportions. Even the OSHA regulations require the forklift operators to have both the classroom and hands-on training.


#2. Get Trained in All Types of Equipment You Will Be Operating

Here’s the thing. Forklifts are available in different types. So, you need to pick a training program that covers those lift equipment you’ll be handling on the job site.

For instance, you need to get specialized training customized for rough terrain forklifts for eventually operating one.

Furthermore, you should also consider the type of attachments you’ll be using on the job. Getting professional in the handling of those attachments will also prove useful.

There are also cases when the company you work for changes or upgrades the equipment. In such a scenario, ask your supervisor to get trained as soon as possible. This is actually necessary to comply with the safety standards of many workplaces in Toronto.

A train-the-trainer program offered by the forklift training company is the right fit here. Under this, you get the freedom to choose a worker of your choice who’ll then get training in how to certify their fellow operators.

Lastly, Forklift Training Regulations also require you to get trained in case you’ve changed jobs. That is if you’ve started working on an equipment you’ve not received training for before.


#3. Take Care of the Recertification Requirements

This is an easy one to slip by! But most operators have to get recertified after a fixed time period. In reality, you need to renew your certification after 3 years. And this is not just a rough timeline to refresh your skills.

Rather, this is a requirement according to the Canadian Safety Association. So, you’ll have to go through retraining after every 3 years in order to be legally compliant.

Recertification also helps you to upgrade your skills in new ways and techniques. Even if you’ve been operating the same machinery for years, getting certified again will still help you. That holds especially true if you’ve been wanting to move up the ladder in your job.

Keeping up-to-date with skills also keeps operators motivated as they keep learning something new. Not to mention, the job growth opportunities that come with it.

Taking a full-fledged practical training course every 18 months is actually a good idea to prove your competence.

So, the certification is not for just Beginner Forklift Training but seasoned workers could also benefit from it.

Anything Else You Need to Consider?

The last and one of the most important things to make sure of is to see that you’re receiving a written confirmation of your training.

Good training companies usually provide a written certificate card along with the manual of everything covered under the course.

This enables you to prove your adeptness at the job you’re applying for. And, needless to say, this gives you an upper hand among all the other applicants for the job.


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Our certification procedure is suiatble for beginners as well as experienced personnel. So, we take care of both sides of the spectrum to meet diverse needs and demands.

Post completing our forklift training program, we’ll award you with a certificate along with a manual of every material covered during the course.

Our training programs include:

  • Forklift operator training
  • Fall protection training
  • Working at heights
  • Scissor lift training
  • Boom lift training
  • WHMIS safety training
  • Train the trainer
  • Man lift training
  • Propane exchange training

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