Tips For Keeping Your Heavy Equipment In Good Working Shape

heavy equipment care
Heavy equipment can be seen as the backbone of the industrial, commercial, and residential construction sectors.

Without heavy machinery such as telehandlers, boom lifts, and scissor lifts, these types of industries would not be able to complete their everyday tasks, jobs, and work.

Even though these machines are extremely powerful and tough they are still susceptible to wear and tear, breakdowns, and damages. Due to the size and complexity of heavy machinery, repairing even the smallest damage can come with a big price.

Fortunately, you can minimize these costs and get the most ROI by following these preventative measure on keeping your heavy equipment in tip top shape.

Preventative Measure to Keep Heavy Equipment in Tip-Top Shape



Regular cleanings

One of the simplest steps for taking care of your equipment also happens to be one of the most important, and most often overlooked. Natural environmental substances such as mud, dirt, and dust will cause damage in the long term if not adequately looked after.

These elements can clog filters and vents, as well as cause damage to some electrical components. They can also speed up processes like rusting and contribute to the overall wear down of the machinery.

Make time for pressure washing to remove hardened dirt and grease. Create a schedule to ensure these get done, along with replacing filters and cleaning engines. This is a cost effective solution, and one that is almost always overlooked.



It is highly important to pay attention and regularly inspect any electrical components, wires, and circuits that are normally covered in your equipment.

Ensure they are protected from water, snow, dust, and other environmental conditions that could potentially shorten their life span. Keep an eye for you equipment’s starter, alternator, and other key electrical parts as well.

It will become more expensive to replace the damage that has been done than it would have been to prevent it.



heavy euqimwnt maintenence tips

Lubricants are a large part of helping extend machinery’s life span. There are numerous moving parts in a piece of equipment. The lubricants help decrease friction, keep things running smoothly, and ultimately reduce wear and tear.

They also keep interior parts clean and can reduce soot buildup and form seals that keep out contaminants.

Just keep in mind not all lubricants are the same! Use the correct type of lubricant based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.



Keeping an eye on your equipment’s tires will ensure they are still in good working condition. This can prevent a tire blowout or broken axle.

This is important because machines are highly likely to be driven on gravel, mud, and extremely rough conditions with all kinds of construction equipment materials laying all over the ground.

Worn down treads can become a dangerous and serious problem.



machinery maintenance tips
It is highly important to store heavy equipment in an area that offers protection from extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, snow, and wind. These elements can cause rust and corrosion at a much more faster and intensive rate.

It’s one thing to use the machine in these conditions when there is actual work to be done. But if you can stop this type of damage while the machine is not in use and just sitting there, you definitely should.

There are a multitude of different on site storage solutions available such as containers.

Purchasing heavy equipment is a large investment, an investment that betters your working experience on the job site.

You want to take as much care as you can of this type of investment to ensure you get the maximum work out of your equipment’s life span.

Don’t waste time have to get more repairs than usual done, just follow the simple steps listed above.

All it takes is paying attention to detail, staying on top of the equipment’s service, maintenance, and cleaning schedule, and ensuring the unit is not neglected.

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