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A telehandler or telescopic handler is cut out to meet varied needs at your job site. In fact, this is one equipment you should invest in when you’ve limited resources and perhaps an all-in-one solution seems like a sensible investment.

The use of telehandlers is all too common across agriculture and construction settings. However, its functionality and application flexibility predisposes it for use in many other tasks.

The ability to use different attachments and reach higher places makes it even more useful.

Among aerial lifts, Telehandlers are often the heavy-duty machinery you should be eyeing for a demanding project.

Here, in this blog, we list out all the reasons for a telehandler’s versatility and why you should rent one.


Why Telehandlers Should Be Your Go-To Aerial Equipment?

Telehandlers are, no doubt, versatile and are diverse in their application. All you need is the knowledge of operations and the attachments required to accomplish the task, and you’ll get the job done.

Moreover, telehandlers Construction Equipment Rental offers a hybrid of crane and forklift when it comes to practical use.

This means telehandlers combine the mobility of a forklift with the reach and high functionality of a crane. The booms can move upwards and forwards to reach places a conventional forklift would never be able to access.

This extended outreach combined with the load capacity of a telehandler is what you may need for your next venture.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider Telehandler Rentals.


#1. Material Handling and Load Placement at Extreme Heights

This is perhaps where a telehandler separates itself from a forklift’s reach. As contrary to a Forklift, telehandlers can lift loads many feet above the ground. In fact, the most common use of a telehandler is to move loads and place it on high surfaces like rooftops.

Plus, it can move anything from roofing supplies to loose dirt and gravel. Contractors often choose to opt for telehandlers in the place of cranes for lifting loads.

While cranes are not always a practical solution, telehandlers help meet more or less the same requirements while being affordable.

Moreover, their lifting capacity is also something to take note of. Many telehandlers can even lift as much as 12,000lbs.


#2. Well Suited for Confined Spaces

Well, choosing a telehandler Aerial Lift Rentals can be of great advantage if you do have to operate in a cramped space. These machines can perform with the same efficiency even in limited spaces.

One great example of such a movement-restricting place can be a warehouse. But you can also operate a telehandler in these places with high accuracy in supply placement.

First, the intuitive controls built in telehandlers enable accuracy in placing supplies. Second, the ability to take turns in a small space allows for material handling even on worksites with obstacles.

This obviously also reduces the chances of material wastage and project inaccuracies.


#3. Can Be Fitted with Multiple Attachments

While the most commonly used tool is pallet forks, telehandlers are compatible with many other attachments. These attachments allow contractors to use telescopic handlers for different purposes as per the application requirements.

Some common ones you can use are grapple buckets, baskets, and rotators. These add-ons are quite indispensable, though, as even the basic lifting and placing functionality isn’t possible without the right attachment.

Plus, a collection of the correct tools and accessories makes dealing with a range of tasks easier. Not to mention, it affirms the safety of the cargo and minimizes the damage.

Whether it’s about moving heavier loads or leveling the earth, there’s an attachment for it.

Thus, the decision to go for Telehandler Rental Toronto alone can eliminate the need to invest in multiple machines.


#4. Suitable for Rough Terrains

Telehandlers have a triangular footprint, which makes them stable on uneven and rocky terrain. Additionally, many models also have hydraulic systems to help these equipment stay in place. Outriggers also facilitate stability and reduce the dangers of tipping over on uneven ground.

Thus, this flexibility allows for the use of a telehandler in many different settings while maintaining full safety. For nighttime jobs, opt for headlights and taillights to add more security for your workers.

Speaking of operator safety, one other crucial step towards timely and safe operations is Telehandler Training Toronto. Get your operators trained under a standardized training program before they get into the driver’s seat.

In fact, operators moving heavy loads may also have to take additional safety measures. Checking the tire pressure and making sure the machine remains stable are some basic suggestions.


#5. Lift Personnel And Get More Work Done

Well, telehandlers are not just made to lift materials and supplies. Rather, you can also lift workers to greater heights with the help of a work platform.

However, pay close attention to the specs of the platform add-ons before using it as a personnel lift.

Each platform will have its own specs related to safety features, weight, and width. As every project is different, you would want to get a platform add-on that meets your needs.

Check if the platform meets the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. This way you can extend the possibilities of its operation while maintaining the safety of your crew.

What this means is buying Telehandlers for Sale is actually an all-in-one solution. You can load and unload trucks, lift heavy supplies to greater heights, and, when there’s a need, can also lift your workers.

Most importantly, a telehandler can replace the need for you to have backhoe loaders and tractor loaders in your fleet.

This equipment can alone load and unload a truck without the need for a ramp. Whereas, most loaders would need a ramp to accomplish the same task.

So, a telehandler is what you’re looking for if you really want something that’s cost-effective and highly multi-functional.

If you do want to get a telehandler, Torcan Lift offers the option of Buying Used Equipment or renting a telehandler.

Experts at Torcan Lift can even help you find what you’re looking for.


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