Keep the Zoom Boom Lift Equipment Working in Cold Weather

keep the Zoom Boom Lift Equipment Working in Cold Weather

Winter is unavoidable and somehow always affects the surroundings badly, but that never means heavy machine operators have to experience problems with their boom lift equipment in such cold weather. Everyone knows how essential this machinery is for construction sites, and making it work during winter can be exceptionally challenging.

However, by following a few common steps before the weather turns cold and adding regular maintenance steps while working, the zoom boom lift operators can operate it at any height without much hassle.

Let’s check out all the necessary steps that will help to operate the heavy machine equipment working in cold weather:

  •  Prepare every lift for winter:

Before the cold weather begins, ensure that the operators have added proper lubricants in the engine, transmission, and hydraulic systems in every heavy machine and confirm that they are at the accurate level to provide the essential flow. The operators need this process carefully so that the heavy machine works perfectly, as cold weather affects the engine, making it hard to start and delaying the work.

  •  Always Store the Lift Perfectly:

When the zoom boom lift equipment is not working at any worksite by operator in cold weather, it is always the best option to keep it in a storage facility. A storage facility always offers various benefits over leaving the boom lift equipment out in the open:

  • Storing the zoom boom lift equipment inside always protects them from being covered in ice or snow, which means that it will be ready to operate whenever the operators need it without wasting time cleaning off the mess.
  • The heavy machine will start fast without any problem, and it will be much easier if the fluids are warmer. The battery will also last longer if it is away from the exceedingly cold temperature.

If possible, always consider using an engine heater in such cold weather, as there are several options to heat up the engine, like oil pan heaters, engine block heaters, hose system heaters, or stick-on heaters.

  • Always Check the Battery:

It is always essential to check the battery during such cold weather conditions. The operators need to check it thoroughly to ensure that it needs any additional services or if they need to replace it with a new one to operate the heavy machine in winter perfectly. And always remember never to charge the frozen battery, as it will explore. If possible, charge the battery overnight because lead-acid batteries generally require up to 16 hours to get a full charge to work effectively.

These are a few necessary measures that every operator should know while operating the zoom boom lift equipment at a certain height during cold weather. And if you are planning to buy or rent any heavy machine with its perfect fit attachments to get your work done satisfactorily, contact Torcan Lift Equipment at 1-833-743-2500 to rent the most suitable machine for your every work. And if you still have any further queries, visit our official website and get all the necessary details.