The Liabilities Excluded Under Genie Boom Rental Ariel Equipment

The Liabilities Excluded Under Genie Boom Rental Ariel Equipment

The decision to rent any construction equipment depends on the time frame and proper use of the machine on the construction site.  Especially in the case of ariel lift equipment, it is better to decide in advance about their use and appoint an expert to handle the machinery.

The operators are equipped with safety measures and know the intricacies of how to operate ariel lift equipment.

One of such efficient machines is the Genie Boom Lift that provides the ability to lift loads along with precise positioning, and a high degree of versatility. You can choose Genie boom rental services or book genie lift for sale as per your requirement on the site.

Equipment Rental Plans:
When you rent equipment, you are liable to maintain and protect it from any damage till the time it is under your supervision. There are several rental plans offered by the companies that include terms and conditions on renting any equipment. Each plan has different inclusions and exclusions. It might be different for a telehandler and different for a Genie rental. It also covers the condition of any damage or loss. You need to contact your account manager or the concerned department executive who can guide you on the genie material lift rental plans and their details as it is not only the costs that matter.

However, there are some unpredictable situations where damage or loss of the equipment is beyond our control. It might be any form of natural consequence or a result of its wrong practice on the construction site. If you have a genie boom lift rental agreement, you need to take special care of the machine. There are some events under which the cost of damage is the customer’s liability. All replacement or repair costs due to these factors and all other specified exclusions are the prime responsibility of the customer.

In case of misuse and Abuse:
It is the case when the Genie boom lift is treated under negligence or any wilful misconduct. If the operator practices any wrongful application under the genie boom rental service provided by the company, then the customer is responsible for any damage caused to the machine.

In case of Act of God:
It is when any natural disaster occurs like flood, tornadoes, earthquake, storms, etc. The company will have no responsibility. The customer must bear all the expenses.

Going Beyond Manufacturers’ specifications:
If you tend to use the Genie lift out of the manufacturer specification and instruction like overloading the machine or improper greasing treatment by restrictive fluids; the damage caused by such treatment is the onus of the customer.

In case of mechanical breakdown:
Any issue in the mechanical structure, electrical breakdown, or malfunctioning structure.

In case the property is Missing:
The customer is liable if the property is missing under unexplained or mysterious circumstances or in case of disappearance without proof.

Seasonal Temperature or humidity:
There are instances when seasonal constraints do not allow the machine to operate. It can be dryness, dampness, humidity, windy, or changes in or extreme temperature changes.

When Machine is in Transit:
The genie boom lift or any equipment is not covered during the transit.

Wear and tear of the Machine:
The wear and tear under the genie boom rental period are covered by the customer and not the rental provider.

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