How To Choose The Prefect Low-Level Scissor Lift for Your Job?

Low level scissor lift
Modern construction has come to heavily rely on Scissor Lifts to widen the scope of a range of aerial jobs. Moreover, these compact machines ensure operator safety while saving precious production time on worksites.

As it happens, deciding to select the lift that fits your needs is more important than picking the one with the best height capacity. And this becomes even more important if you’re engaged in an indoor or tight-spaced job.

Torcan Lift has the best recommendation for you to ensure safety and productivity under such conditions.

Low-Level Scissor Lift are geared towards offering maneuverability and ease of use on sites where your workers are restricted by available space.

However, it’s a misconception that these machines can only serve in specific settings due to their limited working heights.

You might as well get surprised to find just how capable and versatile this equipment can be.

So, today, we’ll help you understand how low-level scissor lifts can be a useful addition to your fleet.


Why Choose a Low Level Scissor Lift?

Scissor lifts come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. So, before hiring a Scissor Lift Rental, it’s a good idea to consider your project’s needs down to minute details.

Most commonly, weight capacity, platform space, and working height should form the basis of your decision. Having said that, some jobs do require you to work at lower heights.

So, choosing an oversized lift, in this case, can be quite impractical. Not to mention, it can cause safety hazards for your crew members.

That’s where low-level access scissor lifts come in. Here are the reasons why we recommend them as a lift specialist.


#1. Serves Multiple Aerial Tasks with Enhanced Adaptability in Dynamic Situations

Low-level scissor lifts are extremely useful for almost all construction projects due to their intuitive controls.

You might think you necessarily need 25-feet and above height capacity to get your job done. But, in reality, almost 70% of the tasks can be achieved with a height reach that’s lower than that.

The working height capacity of a low level scissor lift usually falls within the bracket of 14 to 19 feet.

So, most of the general construction work like painting, installing HVAC and electrical systems are easily achievable with this Scissor Lift Height.

Furthermore, these lifts can be as narrow as 25 inches with stowed heights that make getting into tight spaces and doorways a whole lot easier.

Low-Level Scissor Lift Design also enables you to drive them around narrow pathways while keeping the operators safe.


#2. Compact Units to Minimize Hydraulic Damage on the Worksite

While Hydraulically driven lifts offer great lifting capacity, they can also damage floors with fluid leaks. Multiple connection points between hydraulic pumps and systems could potentially increase the chances of a leak occurring.

However, most contractors would prefer to minimize this damage without compromising on the lifting power.

Thus, if that’s the case, then an electrically driven low-level scissor lift is a great investment.

These have hydraulic systems with only two connection points. Here, the hydraulic system only works for up and down movements of the platform. The steering, driving, and lifting are all powered by the battery.

Thus, this configuration reduces the chances of leaks on different spots around the worksite.

Note that the electric Low-Level Scissor Lift Model is also more eco-friendly in the sense that it requires less power. Plus, it can last for long operational hours with fewer recharges.


#3. Reliable Lifting Capacity and Working Space

Lifting capacity is another deciding factor to choose a scissor lift. Most low-level scissor lifts can lift 500-700lbs without swaying under heavy loads.

This is quite convenient because stability while working at heights is important. Further, the wheel design of a low level scissor lift distributes the weight throughout the unit.

While Low-Level Scissor Lift Capacity may vary, most can hold in one or two operators along with their materials.

In fact, some low-level scissor lifts also have platform extensions for extra working space. So, in case of obstacles preventing the lift from moving forward or backward, operators can slide out the extension to complete the task.

Extensions can add up to 3 feet of platform length which is enough to fit in one more worker or additional materials. It allows you to complete the task without needing a separate unit with better platform length.


#4. Reduced Risk of Damage and Enhanced Operator Safety

Hiring or buying a low-level Scissor Lift For Sale is the best choice when your team has to operate in a particular space.

The thing is using an oversized lift in spaces with limited heights can subject workers to crushing hazards. Eliminating this potential on-site risk is perhaps the most useful feature of a low level scissor lift.

With roughly 13 ft platform height, these lifts can help you reach up to 19 to 20 feet. Hence, proving useful in an indoor area where the operators have to work well below the ceiling.

Step-in-height of about 20 inches makes getting onto the platform easier and safer while minimizing the risk of a serious fall. Low entry heights also enable quick loading and unloading of materials and tools.

Further, the non-marking tires and efficient weight distribution lowers the pressure on sensitive surfaces. So, a low level scissor lift is inherently a better choice for working on tiles, stone, or other surfaces susceptible to damage.

You’re bound to love the versatility and usefulness of a low level scissor lift in any indoor and, sometimes, even outdoor projects.

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