Maintenance and Inspection of a High Capacity Telehandler

Maintenance and Inspection of a High Capacity Telehandler

Undoubtedly, a high capacity telehandler has multiple uses on a construction site. It is a good decision to purchase a telehandler rather than renting it as you can enjoy it being the only owner. It is mandatory to get training on the safe use of telehandlers in the construction field. The operator must have complete control of the machine to avoid any unusual incident onsite. Apart from training, you need to inspect and maintain your machine for the long-term operation. The telehandler you purchase has an instruction manual with guidelines to use it. Also, there are instructions on timely inspection and how to maintain it for greater efficiency.

However, telehandlers come with a huge maintenance cost. The person operating it can sense while using it for a longer time. As seen with other machines, a telehandler will also deteriorate and suffer damage over time. When it comes to machines, we casually use the term “maintenance”. The personnel must carry out all maintenance work but they should have machine-specific training and experience on how to use and inspect a telehandler. It is the supervisor’s duty or senior management concern to regularly check and identify any deterioration to rectify it immediately.

Types of Maintenance:
In general, there are two types of maintenance for high capacity telehandlers:

Periodic Maintenance:
It refers to the activities performed on the machine required at a scheduled time. It can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It is time-based maintenance done to diagnose the machine for its smooth operation and efficiency. It is very similar to the scheduled maintenance process held periodically.

Breakdown maintenance:
It is the activity done when the machine is identified with a major breakdown. In this case, the machine becomes inefficient to perform its daily task. The case worsens when you try to use them in the breakdown condition. A breakdown can be in any part of the telehandler or in the entire telehandler leaving it non-operational. After inspection and analysis by the experts, you can decide to continue using the same after maintenance and repairs or buy a new high capacity telehandler.

It is the responsibility of both the user and owner of the telehandler and its attachments to ensure that the machine is getting scheduled maintenance for a safe working environment. As a general practice, it is normally undertaken by the owner on behalf of the user.


When is a Thorough Inspection Required for Telehandlers?
Inspection means a thorough check of the machine and its part to identify the scope of maintenance and repair. For a high capacity telehandler, the inspection must be done at regular interval. However, there are two situations:

Firstly, the telehandler should be inspected within 12 months if it is used only for lifting loads, goods, etc and;

Secondly, the inspection is required within 6 months if the telehandler is used for lifting workers to a certain height.

Any major alteration or damage in the telehandler will be checked, identified, and repaired immediately to avoid any unforeseen incident on the construction site.

Telehandler Safe Work Procedure:
It is the moral, personal, and legal responsibility of the owner/concerned supervisor to follow the proper code of conduct while operating telehandlers onsite. Any misuse will be treated as gross misconduct that can put many lives in danger on a construction site. It is mandatory to go through the telehandler safety checklist before operating them onsite.

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