What Are The Factors Affecting The Selection Of Material Handling Equipment?

Material Handling Equipment
A material handling equipment addresses a range of tasks on your site to keep your business functioning smoothly.

From transporting and picking goods to storage, these equipment remain a vital part of the day-to-day mechanical operations. However, to keep them high functioning, you’ve to pay heed to its maintenance and regular upkeep.

There is often no universal answer, though, to how often you must plan these regular check-ups.

At the end of the day, the type of lift, its working condition, and specific application dictate the frequency of maintenance.

Moreover, there are many more factors which you need to account for to establish a well-timed maintenance schedule.

But once you prepare a plan, there will be far less downtimes and out-of-pocket repairs. So, below is a list of some of the considerations for a repair schedule to reap the most Advantages of Material Handling Equipment while controlling costs on unforeseen repairs.


Factors Affecting the Servicing Needs of Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment

Most commonly, managers believe going with the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines to be the safest route. But while it’s an advisable safety measure, it may not fit in with every scenario. There are just too many variables to deal with.

Thus, before you get a Forklift For Sale, getting informed will help you formulate a maintenance plan in advance. So, when the time comes, you’ll not only cut costs but also machinery suspension time.

Having said all that, here are the factors that should be on the top of your list when deciding maintenance frequency.


#1. The Age of the Material Handling Equipment

This is kind of obvious. The older your fleet is, the more attention it needs for maintenance and repairs.

An old asset directly implies higher usage hours. Thus, in this case, you must get your Forklift and other machinery checked in by a trained technician.

In general, full servicing every 200 hours by an authorized technician is a recommendable measure. However, this may not apply as the hours on an old Construction Material Handling Equipment go up.

Furthermore, using the same machinery 7 days a week for 5-6 hours will obviously increase the average workload. The lift truck you use rigorously will also require frequent servicing than the one that’s been used once in a while.


#2. The Working Environment

Your worksite determines more than just the type of lift you should be using. Material handling equipment is often used in a wide array of settings. This obviously exposes them to different environmental conditions.

Your lift would require frequent maintenance visits if you operate in a hot and dirty work environment.

Luckily, there are forklifts and aerial equipment made specifically for rugged outdoor sites. Still, it’s a good call to pay attention to any signs of damage, and what’s even better is preparing for it in advance.

Getting on-time servicing becomes even easier in case you choose a Forklift Rental. A rental agreement takes care of all the repairs and parts replacement without you stressing over them.


#3. The Type of Engine

The kind of engine in your equipment also affects the frequency of maintenance.

Usually, an internal combustion engine has faster service intervals with 300 hours of use. In comparison, electrically powered forklifts do not require servicing before about 500 hours of use.

However, never underestimate the need for servicing of electric units. Unlike diesel-powered units, they may require less upkeep. But you do have to take care of the battery and that the lift keeps a charge.

Moreover, untrained operators are often not skilled enough to fill the batteries. In such a case, you should either hire a trained professional or get your operators trained to receive a Forklift License or certification.


#4. Lifts with Attachments

Forklifts with attachments put a strain on the cooling system of the lift. Thus, most material handling equipment with attachments asks for more attention than regular units.

In the absence of regular servicing, these units may go out of operation. Most importantly, sudden shutdowns can cost you as units with attachments are usually meant for specialized tasks.

Technically, this would mean you wouldn’t be able to replace it with any other makeshift alternative. Thus, managers often invest in the regular upkeep of these units to keep the production going.


#5. Seasonal Requirement of Lifts

Sometimes, you use a forklift or truck lift occasionally depending on the kind of work. However, in this case, you cannot risk not getting the maintenance done in advance.

Better yet, take the necessary maintenance measures during the off-season. So, when you actually require the machinery, it will be ready to go.

Planning well in advance is key here. Make sure the lift doesn’t go down when you need it the most.

Another cost-efficient way for seasonal users to use the equipment of their choice can be Material Handling Equipment Rental. This rental agreement offers you the flexibility to use the equipment for however long you want with on-demand support for repairs.

Hence, preparing for scheduled service is probably the first step to save on unplanned repair bills.

Our professionals will assist you in determining the right frequency for scheduled check-ups and inspections. Plus, we make sure it fits in with your equipment fleet and its application requirements.


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