New Generation Telescopic Forklift: Benefits & Features

New Generation Telescopic Forklift: Benefits & Features

It’s time for a new generation of Fastrack Telescopic Forklift to make your life easy.

Telescopic forklift is new generation powered mobile equipment has become very popular in recent years. In the recent 5 years, it has become the most dearests of the construction industry.  Telescopic forklift machines are powerful, potent, practical and can be us for multipurpose.

A telehandler or telescopic forklift is consider as class 7 powered industrial truck which exactly means that it is a rough terrain forklift. It is also more beneficial than the straight-mast forklift which works only straight up and down while telehandler carries four-wheel drive which can useful in mud area.

Today, they are used in various purposes like general construction, steel erection, roofing, framing, masonry, demolition, commercial, retail, road and bridge, oil and gas and other applications and industries.

Featured Parts of Telescopic Forklift are: –

  1. The Boom

Telescopic handlers have a unique feature of Zoom Boom. It is capable of elevating to an angle from horizontal of approx. 70 degree and can also extend to the length of 30 feet beyond depending on the telescopic model.  It allows the entire boom to travel the whole area in forward and backward direction covering a distance up to 8 feet.

  1. Frame Tilt

Frame tilt controls the side to side angle of the frame to 10- 15 degree in each direction from horizontal. It is attached to a cab which is a curved shape of liquid filled tube indicating by a bubble frame to the ground.  It is better to use a flexible device of the frame before elevating the boom on rough terrain.

  1. Steering

Most of the Telehandlers have a three steering option to operate are front, circle and crab. if the option front is to be selected then only the working function of the front will react to the movement of steering wheel.  If   the operator selects the option circle then the front and rear wheel start reacting in opposite direction covering a large radius according to its size. And if the crab option is selected then all four wheels will starts reacting in the same direction and permitting to move diagonally over the ground.

  1. The carriage

Telehandlers can lift in the forward and back direction from horizontal. However, the forward can exceeds far more than the other forklifts.  Telehandlers have a skill of tilting forward to a point where the carriage id parallel with the ground. Many of telehandlers have the feature to control the lifting rotation attachment radially which means that it can carry the load from side to side as well as forward and back at the same time.

  1. Load capacity

Telehandler has a large loading capacity which carries with the lift. Depending on the configuration of the Boom their Capacity differs like MLT 626 had a lift height of 5.8 meters and a load capacity of 2600kg, MLT 523 has a lift height of five meters and a load capacity of 2300kg.

 It is used for as multi-use advantages for the construction industry.  And I am going to tell you advantages of using the telescopic forklift.

Benefits of using Telescopic Forklift: –

  • Firstly, it can deliver load directly to the working construction area. It can lift up to maximum heights of more than 45 ft.
  • The greater facility and capacity can be achieved with the increased weight in the forward direction compared to the smaller telehandlers.
  • Other facilities like safety precaution is available in the high models of telehandlers that can be lock out the rear axle part on the angle of the Boom.
  • It is cost effective and can challenge in the upcoming market than other forklifts due to its flexibility, less maintenance, and high efficiency.

The important points have been covered above about Telescopic Forklift including features and benefits. Telescopic forklift is rapidly growing in the construction market today. It saves energy, power, and electricity. That’s why it is new generation forklift and occupying market all around the world.

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