Protective Measures to Undertake while Operating Boom Lift

Protective Measures to Undertake while Operating Boom Lift

The ariel lift has replaced ladders and scaffoldings from many construction sites. The major reason behind the replacement is the flexibility and versatility that the boom lift (one of the ariel lifts) provides to its users. They are manually operated with extendable boom platforms and available under several specifications. You can rent them for a short-term purpose under the boom lift rental service or purchase them for long-term use. Well, that depends on the time duration of use and the number of projects you handle.

The efficient use of a boom lift is seen under a work zone with stability. It is difficult to use a boom lift in a space that has uneven terrain. If used, it can cause hazardous accidents like falls from elevated levels, tip-overs, ejection from lift platforms, etc. The operator has to inspect the entire boom lift and then start operating it on the site. However, due to minor or major negligence, there is the probability for the accident to occur. Therefore, the operators should have a complete checklist of the boom lift inspection to make their task easy.

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Here are some duties and responsibilities of a Boom Lift operator for inspecting it before use:

  • Ensure that access gates or openings are closed.
  • Stand firmly on the floor of the bucket or lift platform. Do not lean on the guardrails or handrails.
  • Avoid using planks, ladders, or other devices as a working position.
  • Use a body harness or a restraining belt with a lanyard attached to the boom or bucket.
  • Do not belt off to adjacent structures or poles while in the bucket.

There are a different set of instructions to be followed while operating, traveling with loads, or loading any small equipment with workers for working at height:

  • Do not exceed the load-capacity limits. Take the combined weight of the workers, tools, and materials into account when calculating the load.
  • Do not carry objects larger than the platform.
  • Avoid driving with the lift platform raised.
  • Do not operate lower-level controls unless permission is obtained from the worker in the lift (except in emergencies).
  • Do not exceed vertical or horizontal reach limits.
  • Do not operate an aerial lift in high winds. There are chances of heavy tip and fall accidents.
  • Do not override hydraulic, mechanical, or electrical safety devices.
  • Be aware of overhead clearance and overhead objects, including ceilings.

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