Reliable Boom Lift in Toronto

Used Boom Lifts in Toronto
Used Boom Lifts in Toronto

When it comes to construct tall buildings then boom lift is an essential equipment to consider. Boom lift is basically a type of aerial work platform being used by workers to reach high places. Among numerous kinds of aerial lifts, boom lifts are specially designed to reach areas that may be perilous. Basic boom lift mainly consists of a platform along with long jointed crane run by a hydraulic lift system, attached to a grounded base. So, far there are several different professions that use boom lifts such as firefighters, foresting, mining, painting, electric and cable repair and many more.

 Torcan is the leading rental organization that offers variety of boom lift in Toronto, from which you can choose that best suits you. Telescopic booms, Electric Articulated booms and Articulated booms are among them.

Electric Articulated Booms

  • Ranging from 33-135ft high
  • Great units for many indoor jobs
  • Well equipped with non-marking tires
  • Easy to handle and offers optimum height  capability

Articulated Booms

  • Ranging  from 33-135ft
  • Highly capable to work in many jobsites
  • Offers maximum height reach capability

Telescopic Booms

  • Ranging  from 40-180ft
  • Offer great horizontal reach
  • Perfect for Outdoor and rough terrain jobs

Apart from this there are certain things you need to consider while using Boom Lifts:-

  • Examine the boom lift carefully before use. Just check any of the hydraulic hoses and fittings are not leaking.
  • Start the boom lift and operate the control panel from ground to check each and every functionality.
  • Observe the area around you and check for any possible hazards.
  • Strap the safety harness to proper attachment in the basket.
  • Once you are done, lower the boom lift to its locked position.

If you are having construction site in Toronto or surrounding areas  then Torcan Lift Equipment company is here  to swipe away  your worries  as it addresses  your needs quickly and  provide you quality as well as timely service. We ensure maximum safety and productivity on your jobsite. Feel free to contact us :-