How Renting an Aerial Work Platform Can Help Your Business?

aerial work platform
A ladder might appears like an easy and safe tool to perform work at height. However, that isn’t going to be safe and easy every time.

In fact, most accidents at construction sites have occurred due to this sole reason only.

For a regular job at height, an aerial work platform is a top requirement. It not only increases your workout productivity and efficiency but also keeps the team member and Jobsite safe.

Still, buying an aerial lift can be a heavy burden on any business. Fortunately, Construction Equipment Rental services have sorted it out.

You don’t have to invest in heavy equipment. As per the requirement of the project, you can hire aerial work platforms on demand.

But, before going for Construction Equipment Rental services, knowing ins and outs of the industry is necessary.

In this blog, we have shared every crucial detail, so you don’t miss out on getting the right job done.


Selecting the Right Aerial Work Platform

With a variety of lifts available in the market, the first difficult task is to pick the right one. The major types of lifts are scissor lifts and articulating and telescopic booms.

Here’s a quick recap of the different aerial work platform.


Scissor Lifts

right aerial lift

Well, these aerial work platforms have only one type of movement—going up and down vertically. Surprisingly, the name scissor lifts comes from its crisscross structure making it appear like a scissor.

The equipment is available in electric and fuel-powered models. Moreover, the capacity and size of the lifts vary drastically.

For minor jobs, scissor lift rental is an inexpensive deal. In contrast, for long-term use, scissor lifts for sale offer better deals.

Regular Electric lifts used for indoor tasks can reach up to 19 to 40 feet. It is highly useful in stacking, maintaining, and lifting goods in warehouses.

In other words, it’s the best Material Handling Equipment.

On the other hand, Fuel-powered lifts are best for outdoor jobs. It goes best for construction sites to lift building materials and workforce to height.

However, for proper and safe maneuver, the operator needs to be trained. Thus, getting scissor lift training and certification is necessary for legal and safe operation at the site.


Articulating and Telescopic Boom Lifts


boom lift

These are applicable to everything. In fact, Telescopic boom lifts rotate and even move in and out. In short, these machines offer you a direct workout of action at the site.

Well, the design of articulating boom lift enables it for up-and-over capabilities. What makes it stand apart from the rest lifts is its ability to rotate.

These machines are best for outdoor works at unreachable heights. In fact, the Articulating and Telescopic Boom Lifts can reach up to 30 to well over 100 feet.

For high-end jobs, select the boom lifts rental service cautiously.

Again, for the legal operation of the equipment, the operators must have the required certification. Thus, boom lifts training is the main requirement to check.

The construction industry has extensive usage of the Articulating and Telescopic Boom Lifts. In such a case, Telescopic Boom Lifts for sale is a much better deal to go for.


Benefits of Aerial Work Platforms for Businesses

Whether Construction Equipment Rental or Used Construction Equipment, benefits are immense with aerial lifts rental.

Not only these machines ensure top-level safety and ease at the worksite but also increased onsite productivity.

Here’s what you need to know more!

#1: Elevated Safety

Performing jobs at height are risks, particularly, when it is done on a ladder. However, replacing it with an aerial lift will not only increase the safety of workers but also prevent possible accidents.

#2: Easy Accessibility

Working on a height on a ladder can be complicated. Certainly, there is a high possibility that materials would fall. Also, performing the task aptly would be impossible. On the other hand, this minor issue resolves using a forklift, boom lift, or any other aerial lift rentals.

#3: Various Size and Style

In terms of ladders, you don’t really have a feasible option. However, with aerial lift, you have limitless options of size and style. So, according to the requirement of the job you can pick the right equipment. Obviously, the availability of various sizes and styles for different applications makes aerial lift best.

#4: Vast Lifting Capacity

When you are using lifts, you don’t have enough windows for lifting materials. On the other hand, different aerial lift services can lift a different capacity. So, if you have an extensive requirement of lifting materials, goods, and manpower, aerial lifts rentals are an unbeatable choice.

Other Aerial Benefits

Aerial work platforms are highly helpful in various ranges of tasks. In fact, Used Construction Equipment rental services are feasible for a lot of industries.

Well, the major aerial lift renters are:

  • Construction Companies
  • Maintenance Companies
  • Building Erectors
  • General Contractors
  • Airline Companies
  • Warehouse Owners
  • Wharf And Dock Operations.

Moreover, for some activities, the equipment is useful in lighting maintenance (inside and out), steel erection, and electrical and mechanical work.


The Best Range of Articulating And Telescopic Boom Lifts

Adding a new lift to your business can not only enhance productivity but also reduce project completion timing.

Torcan lift, the leading lift company in Toronto has come up with the most advanced innovative aerial lifts feasible for all project requirements.

Whether short term need or long term usages, our cutting edge and high performing machines are the best fit for small to large scale project.

Our commitment to offering the best has let us emerges as the top reliable lift company Toronto.

On top of our wide range of diesel-powered, Telehandler, Industrial Forklift, and electric aerial lift rental services, we have well-designs training programs for these equipment.

So, whether you want to buy a machine or want help for safe and proper operation, we offer complete solutions for all your requirements.

Our Specialized Training Program For Next Level Safety are:

  • Scissor lift training & license
  • Boom lift training & license

Deciding the right aerial lift services is a complicated decision for every business. Thus, we recommend a proper prior consultation on Heavy Equipment Care and rental services before deciding anything.

So, Reach us @ 416-743-2500 for further information.