How A Rotary Telehandler Can Substitute A Fixed Crane

Rotary Telehandler

Cranes for lifting and moving heavy loads were first developed by the Ancient Greeks just using ropes to hoist stones in the air. The Romans then further developed the crane, adding a single-beam jib, a winch, a rope, and a block containing three pulleys.

It has continued to travel through time while progressively becoming further developed through the middle ages, the early modern age, and the industrial revolution, and landing into today’s construction industry as the fixed cranes we all know today.

These types of cranes can be found on almost every job site today, ranging in height and size.

These different types of fixed cranes can include:

Bridge/overhead cranes, Bulk handling cranes, Hammerhead cranes, Tower cranes

Although these have become very popular and widely used in today’s construction, static cranes do come with multiple disadvantages such as:

  • These cranes are highly expensive in price, to buy or rent, they require long hours, hard work, and large amounts of money to be shifted from one area of a Jobsite to another
  • Very high maintenance costs
  • Very labour intensive to install
  • Cranes can only be used by a certified crane operator
  • Can only be used on a fixed, leveled ground


With newly developed technology and construction equipment, there are now machines in which can replace almost every static crane, machines such as the Dieci Pegasus 45.30 Rotary Telehandler. The Pegasus is equipped with a self-levelling system, adaptive loading software, and an anti-crash system, all of which can easily help the unit maneuver on unconventional ground conditions.

This unit has a lifting height of almost 92 feet and has the capacity to easily move loads of up to 9920 LBS in a complete rotation due to its 360-degree continuous rotating platform.

The Pegasus has the technology to reach multiple points on different structures to precisely and cautiously unload different types of materials. The unit gives the operator full control of the machine and combined with all the technology, it allows for any job to get done efficiently and in a timely manner.

Rotating telehandlers provide workers with a whole new dimension of operating on the job site from being able to lift, extend, and now swing. Having the capability to reach around 360 degrees saves loads of time not having to constantly move your equipment in the position you need it to be in.

Dieci has an entire range of rotary telehandlers, differing in size, reach capacity, and lift capacity. Give Torcan a call for your next job, and let us give you the Dieci experience.

Torcan Lift Equipment is a certified Dieci dealer, we can make sure a brand new or used unit will be on your next job site to ensure you get the project done cost-efficiently, in a timely manner, and safely.

Time to move forward from ancient times!

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