Rotative Telehandlers Rental in Toronto

ROTATIVE TELEHANDLERS RENTAL IN TORONTOspecially designed for more demanding industrial activities and construction site usage.

The rotative telehandler, state of the art Dieci Telehandlers that offer the power to reach heights up to 98ft. and lifting capacities up to 10,000 lbs, all while giving its users stability and accuracy.

The rotational telehandler brings added versatility to solve the most difficult materials handling problems. These machines have the capacity to rotate 360° and can lift material to extreme heights.

Rotative telehandler are ideal for use in construction sites for lifting material, for maintenance jobs, and also used as a rescue equipment from high rise buildings.

These machines can also provide easy and quick attach accessories allowing one vehicle to operate as a Telehandler, Aerial Platform (with Man Basket) and Crane etc. for a variety of application and distribution.



  • Moving heavy materials,
  • Transporting supplies,
  • Lifting or winching heavy items to a higher elevation


Pegasus 45.25 Rotative Telehandler 

Rotating Telehandlers

The Pegasus 40.25 features a lifting capacity of 9000 lbs with a 79 ft. reach making it ideal for most construction and building applications.

45.25 model is the member of the Pegasus family and this machine features a powerful FPT 141 hp Turbocharged Diesel engine.


Pegasus 45.30 Rotative Telehandler

Rotating Telehandlers

The Pegasus 40.30 features a lifting capacity of 9000 lbs with a 98 ft.reach making it ideal for most building applications.

45.30 model is the newest member of the Pegasus family and this machine feature a powerful FPT 170-hp Turbocharged Diesel engine.




Rotative Telehandler



Lift Height

79 ft.

98 ft.


67 ft.

84 ft.

Overall Width

7ft 10in

10ft 9in

Overall Length

26ft 3in

27ft 6in


9ft 11in

8ft 2in

Unit weight

38,580 LBS

48,500 LBS


9,000 LBS

10,000 LBS


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Rotative Telehandlers


The Torcan Lift Equipment, Toronto, provides rotative telehandler for rental according to your need.

We have a variety of rotative telehandler for rent, which can suit your job.

Here at Torcan Lift, we stock one of the largest fleets of rotative telehandlers and other heavy lift equipment in Toronto.

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