How To Save Your Workers Operating Forklift At Your Workplace?


Safety and insurance of workers at a construction site or any workplace is the prime importance to the employer. When workers feel safe and secure with the machines they handle, it results in better productivity and output. Forklifts are one of the common construction equipment with high efficiency to make things easier. These machines play an important role in warehouses, large retail outlets where workers have to move large inventory daily. Shuttling inventories from one location to another has now become easy with forklift. Apart from forklifts, it’s the high capacity telehandler that gives maximum productivity with minimum effort on any construction site.

Despite improved efficiency and upgraded technology, workplace accidents via forklifts have become common. Whether the accident is major or minor, it is risky! Workers can suffer for long with a physical ailment that can destroy their entire life. Therefore, the workers operating a forklift must be alert, vigilant, and stay protected from any technical faults that can lead to accidents. Here are five tips for employers to save their employees (workers) from accidents that can occur while handling forklifts.

Announce a Forklift Safety Training:

Workers must be given complete training on handling forklifts before they completely take over the control of the machine.  The workers under training must be given a full demonstration of the machine. Also, the trainees during their training program must handle the machine under the supervisor responsible for training. Employers must certify them and evaluate their expertise in handling forklifts. However, if required, the employers should also provide a refresher training course to the worker to achieve perfection in handling forklifts. These training are mandatory before getting behind the wheel.

Avoid any Technical Hazards:

It is time to ensure and inspect every part and accessory of the forklift before training any worker or before the final operation. It means to give a detailed check on the parts like:

  • Inflation level of tires
  • Oil level in the machine
  • Check for any leaks. If there are any leaks like water, oil, or radiator leaks, they should be repaired immediately.
  • Test the brakes and steering wheel
  • Check obstructions on the workplace like any obstacles, or uneven grounds.

In addition to forklifts, the technicians should also inspect high capacity telehandler and other equipment regularly for smooth operations.

Keep Pedestrians away from the Pathways where Forklift Operates:

There are two major reasons why there are forklift accidents. Firstly, if any pedestrian crosses the specified forklift path and it is more likely to occur when the operators don’t drive properly with safety measures in mind. The operators need to alert the pedestrians via horns and must keep an eye on what others are doing around them. This vigilance can save many from accidents that occur drastically. Drive with low loads and utmost safety possible.

Use Visual Communication For Safety:

The use of visual communication is one of the best ways to hold forklift accidents. Human minds interpret visual things better rather than any other form. Use of display boards with signs, aisle markers, or any labels that communicate not to hinder the forklift path. Also, the workers should be alert, listen to the horns, and be visible wherever they go. Pedestrians must keep themselves away from the forklift path.  Moreover, safety tapes, floor-marking, heavy-duty tapes for huge traffic areas will segregate the path for forklift drivers and pedestrians.

Have you trained your employees (workers) on how to deal with forklift safety? Establish increased visibility on the sites and train your employees to avoid forklift accidents in every manner. Identify your key areas and follow the tips to make your setup free from workplace accidents or any other hazards.

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