The Scissor-boom: A crossover Concept for the aerial lift industry


Scissor-Boom: Newly Launched Lift Equipment

Scissor-boom, a very new concept has been designed and developed in the aerial lift industry by Forever ODM Company. The crossover idea between cars and SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) results to such an amazing aerial lift machine.

As from the name suggested, scissor-boom is made up of combined advantage of both scissor as well as boom lifts. However, before this machine there was either scissors or the boom in the aerial lift industry. But finally, the third category has been invented i.e. scissor-boom.

Don shi, the founder of Forever ODM (Seattle, Washington based company) has shared some philosophy related to creation of scissor lift. In which he has announced the reason of launching scissor-boom , “as we don’t have something in between scissor with an outreach capabilities. And that is the reason, we have created scissor boom which is completely based on the scissor lift structure along with added telescopic platform in order to offer outreach capability”.

Forever ODM Inc. was established 3 years ago with a motto to develop Scissor-boom lift. Shi worked in aerial lift industry as a mechanical engineer before joining Forever ODM.

32/15 scissor-boom, the very first aerial lift machine, is designed for different municipal and industrial applications.

The machine has designed with vast range of features are set forth below.

Weight of the machine: 3,175 kg

Vertical Outreach: 9.75 metres

Horizontal Outreach: 4.5 metres

Load Capacity: 159 kg

Along with above mentioned features, the scissor-boom is well equipped with a joystick controlled platform for a great extension and retraction. And all wheel can easily drive on paved surface.

For contractors, shi has mentioned several features of scissor boom such as:

  • It is easy to operate.
  • It requires minimal space.
  • It can easily transported.

Don shi told that maintenance job usually one to two days to accomplish the work but the most difficult is part to wait for boom lift delivery. Howsoever, such circumstances does not exist for scissor-boom, so if you have pickup truck then you can pick it by yourself.

The machine is of small size which clearly indicate, that it contain easy storage option. And it really means a lot, because you can easily park this machine in your parking spot.

After releasing 32/15 scissor boom lift, now they are planning to launch 45/22 scissor-boom in 2019. 45/22 offers vast range of features such as 227 loading capacity, 13.7 metres vertical reach and 6.7 metres horizontal platform outreach along with the ability to drive on rough terrain.

So, that was all about the latest update of the newly launched machine, scissor-boom.