Scissor lift and Cherry Picker! What Should You Choose?

Scissor lift and Cherry Picker

Every construction project needs workers/engineers to work at a height. If you ever have had a close look at any construction site, you can see gigantic machines working like the scissor lift, that carries loads to a certain height. It is the world of science and machinery that has given us the choice to select the proper type of construction machine. It helps in making our tasks easy and works done most efficiently.

One of such machines is the scissor lift that looks similar to a cherry picker machine. They are a lot alike and more challenging to know when to use and under what circumstances. There’re scissor lift rental companies that offer scissor lifts on rent for construction purposes. With similar looks and functions, both the machines have different uses and benefits on a site.

When Should You use a Scissor Lift?
It is a type of man lift equipment used in facility maintenance and construction. They are of two types:

  • Terrain Scissor Lift
  • Slab Scissor Lift

The use of these scissors lift depends on the terrains of the construction site. It is a scissor-like lifting structure used for raising and lowering on heights. You should opt for the machine when hanging signage, replacing windows, cladding, or even curtain walling. It has an attachment feature where several attachments can be made for various construction purposes. It comes with a diesel-powered hybrid model that can be used for outdoor and indoor work. Workers using the scissor lifts must get scissor lift training before operating the machine onsite.

When should you use cherry Lift?
Where scissors lift has its advantage on a site, the cherry picker machine is one of the basic machines that come with a platform to lift workers to a certain height. It is used to boost up the height required for renovating a building or creating a new building. As the name suggests, it was earlier used for picking cherries and other fruits from the orchard. It was later discovered by the construction industry for use when there was the requirement to access greater height. It also aids in warehousing needs where a huge quantity of stock is required to get transported from one location to another.

Benefits of a Scissor Lift:
Cheaper and cost-effective:
Since it is one of the most demanded machines for construction, it is available at competitive prices and is affordable. You can book them easily or rent them for one-time use

It can be customized:
You can fix parts, accessories, and add extra functions to the scissor lift to make it customized and efficient for several uses.

They are available in various specifications and sizes. You can select any type as per your use.  Check your construction site and the type of functionality you need.  Based on them, you can choose your scissor lift.

Easier to maintain:
If you need a scissor lift for sale and buy it permanently; it is easy to maintain them as compared to another high-end machine. It has a high maintenance cost but it is easy to maintain its efficiency for years.

If you need a machine with a simple lifting function and need to attach accessories for extendable functionalities; a scissor lift is the best pick. It is a versatile machine. Whereas if you need access to a greater height for renovation or creating something new at a height, the cherry picker machine is the best choice.

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