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What are Scissor Lifts??

scissor lifts


Scissor lifts are mobile machines which help you in lifting up to work at greater heights provided with strong safety features. It is a very firm platform surrounded by railings for carrying out your aerial work efficiently.The industry term for such kind of specially designed lifts is “MEWP” i.e. Mobile Elevated Work Platforms. It is hinged and shaped like a set of scissors connected together when expanded.

Scissor lifts varies from small indoor versions which run on electric motors to larger off load versions used at construction sites which uses diesel, petrol or hybrid engines.

Where to use Scissor Lifts??

scissor lifts


Scissor lifts are used at larger platforms work areas to reach upto certain heights where one cannot reach normally. Generally, it is used at construction sites or fixing up any industrial equipment located at greater heights where one cannot traditionally use ladders or any other methods. The usage can vary from carrying out maintenance inside a shop, work place to maintaining and cleaning buildings, inspecting roofs and many more.

Benefits of using Scissor Lifts

Skyjack Scissor lifts Toronto

  • Simplicity of operation

Scissor lifts are incredibly easy to move from one place to another place unlike using traditional ladders or any other methods. It is easy and reliable to operate and thereby reduces fatigue in workers. That in turn results in more output result in lesser time with efficient working.

  • Flexible to use

As said above, scissor lifts are the most relevant and appropriate machines for aerial works because of their unique varieties. They are also capable of assisting additional equipments upto a wide range of loads thus making the job easier and safer.

  • Storage gets Compact

A scissor lift takes a very small space in office, warehouses or other work sites. Scissor lifts make an ideal purpose of usage that require flexibility, speed, and different height accesses at work sites. You can compress or expand the lift according to your usage.

  • Improves the process Ergonomics

Scissor lifts have an easily adjustable table which can withhold the workers firmly at greater heights. It not only improves the speed of repetitive loading tasks but also makes the process more ergonomics by reducing the need for bending and twisting to adjust with the height. Thus it reduces the risk of strain injuries to the workers.

Where to Purchase or Rent a Scissor lift??



When you are looking to outfit with a safe and reliable equipment at professional working sites, then it will be imperative for you to invest in something designed professionally to feed the purpose. It must meet up the mark of the industrial level use with salient features in order to get your project done in an efficient way.

It will certainly be a wise act if you purchase these equipments from an established industrial tools and equipment supplier who will be able to guide and deliver you with the right tools and equipments for your purpose. Torcan lift equipment is one such oldest top industry in Toronto, Canada dealing with all kinds of lifting equipments like scissor lifts, genie lifts, boom lifts and many more.

Why us??

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Torcan Lift Equipment has been delivering its quality personnel and material handling equipment services in and around Toronto since 1999. It is a leading source of sales and rentals of various kinds of industrial lifting equipments like Scissor lifts, Genie lifts, Boom lifts and many more according to your need.

We Provide:

  • On site and in house service repairs
  • Customized periodic maintenance schedules.
  • Annual inspections and certifications.
  • Fully stocked parts department.
  • Reduced rental rates on replacement equipment during repairs.
  • 24/7 service facility.

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