Scissor Lift Height – Choosing the One that Fits Your Project

scissor lift sizes
Scissor lifts are highly functional units for the purpose of reaching inaccessible heights at work sites.

It’s not wrong to say then that scissor lifts have gradually replaced scaffolding for a wide variety of jobs.

You will often find this equipment across a number of construction and warehousing sites, retail outlets, and even parking garages. Not to mention, they are fairly easy to use and move from one place to another by those trained in the operations.

A Scissor Lift is usually available in different sizes depending on the kind of job it is suitable for. Larger ones that run on diesel are typically made for rough terrains. Whereas, small-sized scissor lifts have proven to be useful in tight spaces like the aisle of a warehouse.

Owing to the usefulness of the equipment, your company might be thinking of getting one on rent or for sale.

While hiring a scissor lift is not a difficult task on its own, it might pay off to think about the kind you want to get and the available scissor lift sizes before actual investment.


Working with Scissor Lifts and the Benefits

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The application of a scissor lift may vary based on the work location. In fact, scissor lifts are often categorized on the basis of indoor and outdoor work.

Though, one thing that’s common among all these lifts is their ability to facilitate aerial tasks that are many meters above the ground.

Furthermore, a Scissor Lift Rental will safeguard your crew and operators by reducing accidents.

The larger the platform, the more space it offers to support workers along with their tools. Plus, the big size of scissor lifts means more stability and less chance of tipping over.

The effective operation of a scissor lift is usually dependent on hydraulic power for platform elevation. The crisscross support helps elongate the platform vertically.

However, as compared to boom lifts, a scissor lift is somewhat limited in its movement and can only move straight up and down. So, workers would have to place these machines right under the work area to get to the desired height.

One other thing you must be aware of is the OSHA Scissor Lift Requirements that need you to train your operators. In fact, any operator of aerial lifts should get trained to comply with the law and safety protocols.

Having said that, no matter the scissor lift sizes you choose from, you stand to gain in the following ways:

  • Swift completion of work as scissor lifts doesn’t need constant repositioning and can carry a heavy load at once.
  • Scissor lifts are available in different types including Electric Scissor Lifts for eco-friendly operation.
  • The lifts made for indoor areas usually have special non-marking tires and fit in well in compact spaces.
  • Workers can complete multiple tasks at once as they are not needed to lift heavy weights in shifts.


How High Will a Scissor Lift Go?

Scissor Lift Height is often the topic of debate as aerial jobs depend heavily on vertical reach. Nonetheless, most scissor lifts have a working height of 20-40 ft., which can go up to 60ft. as per the model you choose.

While a Boom Lift can probably offer even greater reach, scissor lifts are a nice balance between load capacity and elevation.

Some scissor lifts can even carry a weight of up to 1000 – 1500 lbs. making them ideal for heavyweight tasks.

No matter what the scissor lift sizes or the load parameters, what’s important is you choose the one that suits your job.

Here’s a brief introduction to the most common Scissor Lift Types based on height:


#1. 13 ft. Scissor Lifts

These are sturdy units to accomplish light-duty tasks at a site with limited ceiling height.

Due to a smaller work platform, they accommodate one-man jobs. Though, the narrow width of these lifts makes it easy to maneuver them in different indoor settings.

Common uses may include indoor painting or repair work. Plus, they are often electrically powered. Thus, limiting the emission of hazardous fumes inside packed spaces.


#2. 19 ft. Scissor Lifts

These lifts usually have a 25 ft. working height making them a good fit for jobs inside a building. However, that’s not to say they aren’t suitable for outdoor tasks provided the surface is even and flat.

While initially, you may doubt the lack of flexibility, sometimes that’s exactly what you need. For instance, these low-height scissor lifts decrease ceiling crushing hazards for workers engaged in indoor tasks.


#3. 26 ft. Scissor Lifts

With a working height of about 32 ft., these lifts are often used to reach higher floors of a building. Works such as windows maintenance or sign hanging could use these lifts.

Moreover, due to a larger sized platform, it can possibly fit in more tools for faster work completion.


#4. 32-ft. Scissor Lifts

These kinds of lifts offer the stability to work at greater heights for long periods of time.

With a 38 ft. reach, these are compatible with many constructions or even maintenance jobs. You’ll spot a 32 ft. scissor lift at sites where workers have to repair phone lines or reach power cables.


#5. 50-ft. Scissor Lifts

A 50 ft. scissor lift can easily have a working reach of up to 56 ft. making it quite useful for reaching the greatest heights. With such vertical elevation, these are more suitable for outdoor work rather than an enclosed space.

A Rough Terrain Scissor Lift made for rugged job sites usually has this kind of reach. Most models also come with outriggers and dual fuel options that enable them to run on either Propane or Gasoline.

Irrespective of the scissor lift sizes you end up shortlisting, one thing that you need for certain is trained operators. In fact, Scissor Lift Training is integral to a safe working environment.

Untrained workers or crew members have to get training in the type of lift they’re going to be dealing with. And, as a company, it’s probably your responsibility to keep your operators in compliance with the safety policies.

Whether you need Scissor Lift Rental Toronto or want to train your operators, assistance is just a call away!


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