Scissor Lift Training & Safety Course

In fact, 32% of dry Waller/taper fatal accidents occurred using either supported or suspended scaffolding.

While the most shocking news is that the main root cause of most of these falls is happening due to some kind of unsafe scaffolding.

Considering the facts in the scaffold category, the average death is 36 %.

Every year, with the increasing number of the versatility of manually propelled mobile scaffolds the ratio of falls lead by scissor and aerial lift, is relatively large. Considering in the general construction field painters and drywallers suffer more than 17% of the fatal falls involving the mobile elevator work activity compared to 3% of aerial deaths. The Scissor lift leads more fatalities than to aerial lift because of huge demand in the painting and drywall market.

The ratio can be reduced by the proper Scissor lift training among workers.

Scissor lift training & safety

The table will show the number of deaths occurred in the recent few years by scissor lift and many other for various causes.


Cause Boom-
Supported Lifts
Scissor Lifts Unknown Type of Lift Total
Electrocutions 62 6 69
Falls 35 23 6 64
Collapses or tip-overs 23 21 46
Caught in/between 11 14
Struck by/against 6 9
Other causes 5 5
Total deaths 142 55 10 207


The Scissor lift training course is designed for safety operation of the worker to provide precaution in the construction field. Our step-by-step training benefits the workers to acquire knowledge of OSHA and manufacturers safety requirement for the use of scissor lifts. There are some key areas that must be addressed before and during the operation of Scissor lift training.

Scissor Lift Training Course Details

Our company is providing trainees a golden opportunity to develop a successful training in the field of the world’s most growing business industry. Our training professors are highly experienced who have been working in this field over the years. Our Industrial preparing program gives you the advantages from multiple points of view. Also, the best chance to learn new technologies in the industrial market

Our training course focuses on each module to give a sufficient time for the trainee to acquire better understanding and knowledge. At the completion of every new module, regular quizzes and test are organized to practice the pace of learner. Once the course gets completed a special doubt class is arranged for doubt clearance to revise the whole syllabus. The doubt class is arranging for clearing the benefit of doubts facing during the training period.

We provide a personalized certificate to our trainee after the completion of course. The certificate will mention the trainee name, the course he/she passed, the joining and completing period date, certificate number and also our company logo and information on the certificate in case any authenticity needs to verify about the course of the trainee.

Details of topics covered in the course of Scissor Lift Training are below:

  • OSHA Standards for Aerial and Scissor Lifts
  • Definitions of Related Terms
  • Aerial & Scissor Lift Accidents, Fatalities, and Causes
  • Operating Instructions
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Operator Training
  • Operator Responsibilities

Who needs this Scissor Lift Training?

  • Anyone who required operating a scissor lifting device for domestic & construction work.
  • A scissor lifting device required operating by Supervisors workers.
  • Committee Members or Representatives of Health & Safety department for inspecting scissor device in a work area.

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