Skyjack for Sale by Torcan Lift Equipment

Skyjack for Sale by Torcan Lift Equipment

Skyjack is a well-known option when it comes to material handling equipment. Being the leading manufacturer of access and material handling equipment like scissor lifts, telehandlers, and articulated booms, their equipment is simple, reliable, and most importantly features a robustly engineered system crafted with quality. The simple design and induction of the latest technological trends make their equipment easier on servicing and maintenance as well, thus reducing the cost over the long run. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Torcan lift equipment is a one-stop solution for telehandlers and other construction machines with several options as per the specifications.

Here’s a list of pieces of equipment that have been put under the category of Skyjack for sale by Torcan Lift Equipment:

  • Electric Scissor Lift
  • Articulating Boom
  • High Capacity Telehandler

#1. Electric Scissors Lift

Electric Scissor Lifts are great when there is a need for temporary access in a closed area. For instance, in a warehouse or a manufacturing plant. That’s because unlike its counterpart mainly diesel scissor lifts, electric scissor lifts incorporate a packed design and a zero-emission engine.

The usage:

  • Makes working on heights easier
  • Can lift the workers to heights ranging from 19ft to 59ft

List of Skyjack Scissor Lifts for Sale by TorcanLift:

#1. Skyjack SJ4632 (2009): SJ4632 is the best choice for individuals who need a scissor lift that can reach a height of up to 32ft. The best part is that despite being manufactured in 2009, it has been in operation for only around 350 hours.

#2. Skyjack SJ3219 (2011): SJ3219 is best suitable for individuals who need a 19ft reach scissor lift. The total work hours on the scissor lift is close to 237 hours.

#3. Skyjack SJIII3219 (2012): SJIII3219 is another scissor lift by Skyjack that comes with 19ft reach. The total work hours on the scissor lift is close to 232 hours.

#4. Skyjack SJ3219 (2012): SJ3219 is a low hour, about 210, that comes with a lifting height of 19ft.

#5. Skyjack SJIII3226 (2012): With 259 hours on it, SJIII3226 is an electric scissor lift that comes with a 32 ft lifting height.

#2. Articulating Boom

As its name suggests, Articulating Booms are an aerial working platform that comes with multiple booms which can articulate at multiple angles to provide temporary access to an elevated platform. The multiple pivot points make otherwise hard-to-reach areas within reach.

The usage:

  • Brings hard-to-reach elevated space within reach
  • Can reach heights up to 295 feet (depending on the model you’re using)

List of Articulating Boom for Sale by TorcanLift:

#1. Skyjack SJ45T (2008): SJ45T is a 45 ft reach articulating boom with about 4526 hours on it.

#2. Skyjack SJ46AJ (2012): Another 45 ft reach articulated boom that is relatively new and even has low hours on it. The operating hours total is around 2189.

#3. Skyjack SJ66T (2011): SJ66T is the best choice for individuals looking for a 60 ft reach height with a straight articulated boom. The operating hours total is around 3877.

#3. High Capacity Telehandler

High-Capacity Telehandlers are multi-purpose pieces of equipment that can simultaneously move, lift, and place materials. Purposely, built for handling and moving materials, the versatility of this equipment is what makes a ‘first to arrive’ and ‘last to leave’ machinery.

The usage:

  • Telehandlers are multipurpose. They can single-handedly do work which otherwise will require a team of heavy equipment.
  • Can be used in loading and unloading operations.
  • Can haul materials

#1. Skyjack ZB2044 (2014): ZB2044 is a robust, rugged, and reliable machine with a 56 ft reach and a massive 20,000 lbs of lifting capacity. With just about 1017 hours on it, this piece of equipment manufactured by skyjack offers the industry’s best lifecycle value.

Are you looking for the latest, high-quality access and material handling equipment by Skyjack for sale or rental, contact Torcan Lift Equipment at 1-833-743-2500. Or if you have any other queries, you can visit our official website.