Top 5 Electric Scissor Lifts Offered by Torcan Lift Equipment

Top 5 Electric Scissor Lifts Offered by Torcan Lift Equipment

A scissor lift is a mechanical lifting platform that provides you temporary access to elevated and inaccessible areas. They got the name because of their folding support arranged in a crisscross pattern.

Though they come under five different types namely hydraulic, Diesel, Rough terrain, Pneumatic, and electric scissor lift. Let alone the other four scissor lift types, this blog features the top five Electric Scissor Lifts offered by Torcan Lift Equipment.

Let’s have a look at them along with their specifications.

Electric Scissor Lifts Available for Sale and Rent 

Electric scissor lifts are of great use. They can single handedly manage any work that normally would require a ladder, scaffolding, or tower. Moreover, with zero emissions, they are also best suited for internal uses as well, for instance, in a warehouse or a manufacturing plant.  

#1. SJ 3013 (Capacity: 500 lbs, Work Height: 18ft 10in)

SJ 3013 is a low-level access-type scissor lift. Manufactured by SKYJACK, it is an ideal solution for people looking for a scissor lift that can be easily accessible in tight areas. SJ 3013 features maintenance-free batteries and modern electric drive controls to reduce work fatigue.

#2. Genie GS1930 (Capacity: 500 lbs, Work Height: 25ft)

Genie GS1930 is a perfect choice for people looking to operate a scissor lift in a tight space. With a working height of 25 ft and a 3ft extension deck, GS1930 comes with zero emissions and non-marking tires which make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Consider using it on a flat-level surface.

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#3. SKYJACK SJ3226 (Capacity: 500 lbs, Work Height: 32ft)

SKYJACK SJ3226 is a low-maintenance scissor lift with a working height of 32ft. Low maintenance…because it comes equipped with a reliable control system and a numbered wiring system. This makes these machines easier to troubleshoot.

#4. SKYJACK SJ4626 (Capacity: 1000lbs, Work Height: 32ft)

SKYJACK SJ4626 is somewhat similar to SKYJACK SJ4626. The major difference lies within their lifting capacity. While SKYJACK SJ3226 lifts around 500 lbs of weight, on the contrary, SKYJACK SJ4626 lifts double it that is 1000 lbs.

#5. MEC 4555SE (Capacity: 500lbs, Work Height: 51ft)

MEC 4555SE comes with the highest working height…a massive 51ft. What makes it even more popular in the community is its superior lubrication-free scissor bearings and easy access to mechanical and electrical controls.

Key Components of a Scissor Lift:

Every scissor lift is a mixture of a few strong components that hold each other mechanically and technically to support heavy lift work. It comes with a zig-zag scissor-like shape with a platform and railings attached to the top to lift workers and other loads, depending on the load capacity of each model. Here’re a few components that complete the scissor lift as an accurate machinery for construction use:

Scissor Lift Platform

Also known as a lift table, the scissor lift has a platform that supports weight depending on the capacity and efficiency of the machine. It is the supporting area with guard rails that protect workers from any tip and fall accident. It is easy to reach heights easily. 

Scissor Legs:

These determine the total scissor lift mechanism’s maximum working height. The scissor legs raise and lower the platform as they constrict and extend, and they can be powered by a variety of sources depending on the application.

Scissor Lift Cylinders

Depending on the specification and operation conditions, these cylinders can be filled with hydraulic fluid (hydraulic scissor lift) or compressed air (pneumatic pump system). 

Scissor Lift Base

The base has stiff brackets which is the foundation of the scissor lift mechanism. There are also rollers attached to lifts that decide the upward and downward movement of the entire scissor lift. 


Electric scissor lifts are a great addition if you have a closed space. These extremely mobile machines come with:

  • Zero Emission
  • Less Dependency on Hydraulic Oils
  • Innovative Operator Controls
  • Less Scheduled Maintenance

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