Torcan Forklift Can Take All Your Worries Away

What is forklift? Why you need it?

Forklift is a small equipment lift carriage machine which helps to transport goods and materials in any industry whether it is large storage places or small storage room.

Forklift_Truck frame

Now the question arises that how it can be profitable to you and why do you require it?

Well, let me tell you it is not just a simple machine which is used for transporting goods but it lifts up to 10k tons at a time and can easily move with its two extra hands attached to it.

In today’s world, everyone is busy and wants to save time. That is what our product really does, it reduces  thousands of manpower and controls the crowd-ship of work by just letting only one person handle command to the machine.

Forklift is very flexible and can be controlled by anyone for personal uses too, like one can clearing snow around one’s home or shifting furniture and table across other room and many more.

We also provide crash course training to our valuable customer to control forklift easily and effectively.

Why do you need to buy a forklift?

  • Very Economical: – Price of Our Machine Is Very Less Compare to Market Prices.
  • Saves Time: – Millions Of Work Can Be Completed Within A Very Less Time.
  • Reduced Manpower: – Only One Person To Transport All Goods And Materials So Manpower Is Extremely Negligible To Zero In Comparison To Thousands Of Men.
  • Less Consumption Of Power And Energy: – Completion Of Work Within A Less Time Can Save Electricity And Consumption Of Power.

Forklift battery power

Features you may interest in: –

  • Ranging from 3,000-30,000lbs in weight capacity with various reach heights, we offer electric, propane and diesel fueled units, whether your jobsite is indoor or outdoor we guarantee to have the perfect unit for you.
  • Flexible and reliable: – Forklift is really flexible and can be easily handled by anyone either for industrial purpose or for personal purpose which control with ease.
  • 180 0 rotations: – the machine has four wheels with two hands attached with it which is 1800 rotatable and can also uplift and transport goods.
  • Efficiency: -machine efficiency is remarkable and always ready for your service anytime.

We offer multiple choices to our customers, so you can opt what you want and how you want.

# Short Term Forklift Truck Rentals
Quick delivery from our huge fleet of Forklift trucks

# Long Term Forklift Rentals
Supplement client’s Forklift truck fleet at significantly reduced rates for requirements that don’t justify a long term commitment

# Usage Programs
Reduced term commitments on state of the art forklift equipment, at a monthly cost competitive with traditional five year leasing.

# Certified Pre-Owned Forklift Equipment
Reduce capital expense by supplementing the client’s fleet with latest model lift trucks

# Rent-to-Own Lift Trucks
Term Rental with customized buy-out options

Torcan Lift Equipment offers fast, well-bred and consistent Forklift Training & Rental Services in and around GTA since 1999. Torcan has been offering its customers with quality personnel and exceptional services in material handling equipment. We also offer several options to our customers for lift equipments sales and rental.

We cover your material handling requirements from Rough Terrain, Battery/Electric, Low mast, LPG/Petrol/Diesel forklifts and Telescopic forklifts from 1.5 to 16 tons. Our Forklift covers the height of 79” to 258”.

Get a high efficiency moving equipment @ the Best price and get your job done in no time.

We don’t just supply forklifts, we supply a complete solution to your materials handling needs.

If you are interested in booking our Forklift, you can call us at: 416-743-2500

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