Various Types of Boom Lifts Efficient for Business

Types of Boom Lifts Efficient for Business

Every boom lift has a unique quality making them highly versatile aerial lifts that can be useful in various needs of multiple tasks. All the varieties of the boom lifts come with a few primary parts, which include a base, a platform, a moveable arm, or a necessary attachment on the arm.

However, choosing the right boom lift can be confusing when everyone gets various options. And to make the decision easy, Torcan Lift Equipment, the most trusted and popular provider of boom lifts and High Capacity Telehandler for renting and buying, introducing a list of different boom lifts that are efficient for every business with better maneuverability and allow reaching heights up to 130 feet and more. Let’s check them out:

Electrical Boom Lifts:

An electrical boom lifts are the utmost ideal option for any indoor project because electrical boom lifts do not emit any fumes. It either uses electricity or combines it with a battery to operate for the work. And because electrical boom lifts intend for every confined area, they come in compact sizes that have the ability to reach up between 30 to 100 feet. The height of all electrical lifts can reach depends on the model.

Towable Boom Lifts:

As its name hinted perfectly, a towable boom lift can be pulled or towed by a heavy vehicle such as a truck to the work location. It generally reaches up to 60 feet and intends for all the projects where portability is the utmost priority. It is either powered up by using electricity or diesel. A towable boom lifts are often suitable for outdoor works and highly utilized in place of cherry pickers (hydraulic cranes) because towable boom lifts have similar features and functions.

Telescopic Boom Lifts:

A telescopic boom lift has a compact work platform, specifically the best choice for a single man work, such as tree trimming or any electrical repairs. It has a higher vertical reach making them the best suitable option for jobs with that requirement. And because these lifts have an arm that only moves in one direction, these are best suitable as stick booms. These are easier to operate with the capacity to reach up to 185 feet and are generally used in industrial construction.

Articulating Boom Lifts:

An articulating boom lift is the most common type of boom lift. An articulating boom lift always allows the operator to reach up and over hurdles for the perfect possible positioning. And due to its arm shape, it is also referred to as a knuckle lift. Its arms have several joints, which allow it to bend at various angles and enable the workers to get to the hard-to-reach area with its height reaching capability up to 125 feet.

If you are looking for different and efficient boom lifts for any work. Contact Torcan Lifts Equipment at 1-833-743-2500 and rent or buy a wide range of boom lifts and high capacity telehandlers. For any further queries, you can also visit our official website.