What Are The Various Types of Scissor Lifts And Their Uses?

What are the various types of scissor lifts and their uses

Every high capacity telehandler has its unique quality that makes them the most versatile and efficient machine. Similarly, the scissor lifts are an excellent and effective piece of equipment that is safe, efficient, and able to resist heavy loads and have the capacity to reach heights. It comes in various sizes for multiple applications. A scissor lift works with gas or electricity and has a rail platform that helps it move higher or lower the heavy load.

However, people often wonder what makes the scissor lift the most unique? The crisscross support underneath the lift reaches the height as it rises. This particular quality of the scissor lifts makes them unique from the other lifting pieces of equipment utilized to elevate the heavy loads.

Here are a few types of scissor lifts and their uses, which will help the operators select the right one according to their needs. Let’s check them out:

Hydraulic Scissor Lifts:

These powerful lifts have powered by a hydraulic system. And the hydraulic scissor lifts are either engine-driven or hand-operated. When the hydraulic lifts have turned on, the changing pressure of the hydraulic oil movie the platform upwards or downwards to carry the heavy loads. The speed of hydraulic scissor lifts completely depends upon the weight carried by the lift.

Diesel Scissor Lifts:

The diesel scissor lifts are the most used and popular lifts on any construction site. Their impressive cross-braced system allows them to reach upward at 30 feet, and some models even have the extension of 60 feet. Since the diesel scissor lifts have powered by traditional diesel fuel, they are used for outdoor construction sites to prevent noise or air pollution.

Electrical Scissor Lifts:

The electrical scissor lifts are another most popular aerial platform lifting machine. An alternative to burning fuel lifting machines, electrical scissor lifts feature a silent and power-driven mechanism. Since they do not make noise or fumes, electrical scissor lifts provide a clean and less noisy solution for indoor spaces as there usually have insufficient ventilation.

Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts:

The rough terrain scissor lifts especially have a design for outdoor terrain. These scissor lifts come equipped with a high weight capacity, heavy-duty tires, and additional safety mechanisms like arrestors and fall restraints. These qualities make them ideal for work sites with slopes and uneven surfaces. And they are also perfect for projects that take place in snowy weather. These lifts can elevate up to 50 feet and widths up to 10 feet.

Pneumatic Scissor Lifts:

These scissor lifts run using air pressure. These are perfect for the companies looking for eco-friendly options, as they do not emit hazardous fumes. Since they run on atmospheric air, the pneumatic lifts do not provide much horsepower like some other options. They are a much better option for smaller projects and suitable for every surrounding.

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