5 Tips For Purchasing Used Construction Equipment

Used Construction Equipment
Purchasing a piece of construction equipment can be a huge investment for your company. It can also come with confusion or frustration if this is something you have never purchased before.

There are a lot of aspects to keep in mind with a purchase like this.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure you make the right choice for yourself, your business, and your jobs.


  • Do Your Research

There are multiple types of different makes and models for construction equipment. Make sure you know what size and capacity you need to figure out which kind of machine you will get the most out of.

Keep in mind the types of jobs you will be doing that pertain to your specific profession in construction. You may want to consider going for a versatile machine that allows for different attachments to complete different jobs.

It would also be beneficial to choose a type of machine that has an abundance of parts readily available. Select a manufacturer that continuously carry the parts you suspect will wear and tear the quickest.

The most resources are available for the most popular types of equipment. Here at Torcan we have a knowledgeable and qualified sales team ready to answer any and all of your questions.


  • Choose A Reputable Dealer

Used Construction Equipment

You want to choose a seller that is reliable and well-known in the construction equipment industry. Choosing a reputable dealer will ensure you get a great piece of equipment in great condition.

Torcan Lift Equipment is a reputable dealer for many manufacturer’s in the industry such as Genie, JLG, Skyjack and much more.

We have a concrete relationship these manufacturers not only in equipment but with parts as well. You are more likely to get a well maintained unit by a reliable dealer.


  • Check The Maintenance History

A used piece of equipment that has been carefully maintained will perform more reliably and have a less chance of service issues in the future.

Here at Torcan our service department is compiled of qualified service technicians and mechanics that perform regularly scheduled preventative maintenance such as: oil changes, air filter changes, and fluid changes on our entire fleet.


  • Consider The Hours VS Age Debate

The age of a piece of equipment along with the hours on the hour meter play a big factor in your decision making.

To help decipher hours you can compare the annual usage of that unit to the average annual usage for that specific make and model. However, a fairly well maintained unit with high hours does NOT indicate the machine is no longer in working order.

For example, a machine that is mainly stationary may accumulate high hours, but that unit will not have much wear and tear because the unit stays in the same spot.

Always consider the type of machine with the type of work it does along with the maintenance schedule before jumping to conclusions on high hours!


  • Try Before You Buy

Used Construction Equipment

Having the opportunity to test out the equipment will allow you to check for normal/abnormal sounds the unit is making. This also allows you to experience the standard capabilities of the machine.

Here at Torcan Lift Equipment we offer two options to allow possible buyers to see the equipment before going through on a final purchase. We offer same day in shop visits to any interested buyers.

You can come by the shop and meet with our experienced and knowledgeable salesman who will show you the unit and answer any questions you may have.

We also offer a “rent to own” option that allows for the customer to use the machine on site to see if it is a good fit for them and the jobs they may be doing. If they choose to go ahead with the purchase the rental is free!

The fundamental point in purchasing a used piece of equipment comes down to the competency of the seller.

The seller should check off all of the main points listed above when it comes down to research/knowledge, reputability, exceptional service and maintenance department, and outstanding customer service.

Torcan Lift Equipment has what it takes to check off everything you are looking for on your list.

We keep our customer’s best interest in mind with every purchase and stick with them through every step in the transaction process. We are backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

With our ability to find you the machine you need with your budget in mind and attractive finance and leasing options, we are your best choice!